XBOX 360 returned over BenQ DVD

Maxconsole forum had an interesting post:

"I work at a game store and have had a lot of 360s being returned by customers, something that does happen a lot. But this is where the plot thickens i noticed a few ppl bringing them back after only having them a day. One lady brought back a console saying it was "faulty" so i looked at it booted it up fine and found no fault i opened the drive to put a game in and noticed it was not a hitachi or samsung drive so im assuming its the new BenQ drive. With no fault on the console i gave her the unit back after showing her it was fully functional.

So basically it looks like the BenQ drive as it the UK regions they seem to be in the premium systems that come with the HDMI port. I didnt bother looking at elites, cores, halos as i wasnt too sure if this had been documented before."

Xboxkings just reached the news that C4E, which was working on the BenQ firmware and had it almost done when the banhammer hit many modded users, has the final iXtreme BenQ firmware done and is testing the beta.

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razer4035d ago

piraters/criminals trying to get a system that they can play games for free on.

People wonder why 360 game sales are slacking in this region.

Pete_Approved4035d ago

Yah but sad, that people are bringing there console back just because of that :S

SuperSaiyan44035d ago

Seriously? 1 person brings back a 360 over a dvd drive? Oh please I think the Sony fanbabies on this site are getting really desperate since they have no decent games to play.

stunt2134035d ago

Lmao how about the fact when you report that there are 3 defective ps3 in taiwan or hong kong and all u xbots went crazy over it even though sony will replace it for free. Unlike a greedy ass company who still making a console that breaks after a month even with the new 65nm chips installed.

Peekay4035d ago

TheMART approved this story. you bots should get your stories right.

can some one tell me when exactly modding for the 360 started?

Lumbo4035d ago

first successful 360 hack took around 4 month after the console was released. Still not possible to run homebrew soft on it afaik, but that is only the most common excuse for modding anyways, the real reason is warez.

Mu5afir4035d ago

First mod started only 3 months into the systems life span.

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hotshot12374035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

hahahhaha. thats embarrassing. the fact is the new 360's are crap and microsoft isnt gonna fix it. JUST REALIZED SOMETHING @supersaiyan 4.

you said sony fanboys did put up this article? hahahahah what a [email protected] maybe if you READ IT. you would realize it wasnt against the 360 but kind've defending it. and now you blame your own 360 fanboy without really knowing it...................WHAT AN RETARD

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