Player Affinity - Bulletstorm PC Review

Player Affinity Writes: "Back in the 90s, when first person shooters were starting to get more popular, games had a lot of personality and over the top mannerisms not found in today's shooters, arguably for better or worse. Over the years, though, the first person shooter audience has become fascinated with more realistic, and relatively subdued shooter experiences. As a result, the fact that Bulletstorm, an over the top, stylistic and profane first person shooter, even exists at this point is something of a miracle. Now that Bulletstorm is out on shelves and in digital storefronts, the question has to be asked; is this throwback any good? The answer, happily, is yes. Bulletstorm is fantastic. A very fun game that could even attract some of the most hardcore Call of Duty players, if they were just looking for great shooting mechanics. The problem is, is that Bulletstorm doesn't have much value for your $60."

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