PS2 does motion-sensitive gaming

This Christmas, PS2 gamers will be able to play motion-sensitive games. Gamers may not be talking Wii Sports here, but this is a commendable step in the right direction. Having played three different titles, each available for £29.99 with a motion-sensitive controller, Games Radar can say that it works. Not quite as well as a Wii-mote, but it still works.

The three games in question are Realplay Puzzlesphere, Realplay Pool and Realplay Racing.

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Violater4034d ago

The PS3 isn't competing with the Wii nor the 360, it's competing with the PS2 and you can all fool yourselves into thinking the other consoles aren't doing the same thing.

ChickeyCantor4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

thats funny though, i mean you are all saying Wii is going to destroy the gaming market and yet its not competing with 360 or Ps3?
then the gaming market is save right?

see it this way, Wii is still competing in the GAMING market, and if you people could be realistic for one second then you all know even the PS2 is competing with 360 even PS3 itself.
in the end its about money/sales and crap like that.
doesn't matter if you think the hardware is nothing to be compared to, its the money and sales that matter in the end.

PS2 is still selling and its still getting supported, and how many times has it been said that it might hurt the PS3? but how can it hurt the PS3? well simply because they are all running in the same market.

if Wii is competing with the PS2 then its also competing with the PS3 and 360.

edit : >_< my point is that all consoles are competing!

EZCheez4034d ago

Sony should have been playing this card since the Wii came out. These new format wars occur on different fronts, and Sony doing this shows that they know how to combat sales of the Wii with more than one product.

If there is ANYTHING that can stops sells of a motion sensing $250 console, it's a motion sensing $130 console.

kn4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

At standard retail game price for EACH motion game and specific controller, it's kind of expensive even though the console is cheap... AT about $50 U.S., there are 6 different games with unique controllers making the overall package quite expensive. For just 1 of the games, it makes sense, but if anything, this could actually spur more people into buying Wiis once they try one of these on the PS2. It'll sure be interesting to see how this does over the holidays... You are talking $300 for all six games or so plus 130 for the console. $430 to do the same thing you can do for $250 on a wii (or $300 if you add Wii Play for more games). What I think this does more than anything is highlight the "value" that is the Wii to the casual gamer...

Shankle4034d ago

Interestingly they've forgotten to mention realplay golf, tennis and bowling. I knew about this a month ago.

Shankle4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Argh, sodding double post. I wish there was a delete button.

BulletToothtony4034d ago

or haven't played the better looking games... i have seen some trailers, i know metroid looks pretty good, but does the ps2 have generally better graphics than the wii?? or is the wii ahead of the ps2???

KeiZka4034d ago

Ahead of PS2, Wii that is. Fanboys might want to say whatever they do, it still is ahead of PS2. Generally, you're talking about a system that has been out for years, and it has been nigh-maxed out already. Wii? Not quite.

Night4ll4034d ago

If the gamecube had better graphics than the PS2, wouldn't it make sense that the Wii graphical capabilities surpasses that of the PS2.

Sadly it seems that other developers are being lazy rather than actually try to create good graphics for the Wii.

There really isn't any excuse anymore... look at metroid...

Salvadore4034d ago

But, yet there are lazy developers (especially Ubisoft) making the Wii look worse than GC/PS2.

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