GamesRelay - Dead Space: Martyr, from novel to game

Dead Space: Martyr, a novel by author B. K. Evenson, revolves around the Church of Unitology and the origins of the Black Marker. Find out whether this novel adaptation is as enjoyable as dismembering Necromorphs.

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femshep2963d ago

This book is awesome could not put it down, sheds some really interesting lighton the dead space origins

CherryLu-Chan2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I absolutely adored it.

Very imaginative story, the setting to which took me utterly by surprise. The way it then underpins what happens in the games is superb.

Might I add, the sequence in the diving bell/submarine is one of the most [deliciously] disturbing things i've ever read.

[and it took away the sour taste of paying money for that dire second animated release.]