Retail Game Deals Round-up - Mar 6 - Buy 1 DS game get 1 50% off

XMNR: It's the Sunday that launched Pokemon Black and White in the United States and local retailers are offering different deals for the new version of the Nintendo DS series. Kmart is offering one version for half off with the purchase of another while Toys R Us is doing buy one get one half off on all DS games. Meanwhile, Best Buy is offering a Gift Card and Target is offering up an art portfolio.

For those that need more adult fare, a $50 Gift Card with the purchase of a PS3 is back in the mix while Kmart is offering MLB 11 The Show for free with the purchase of Sony's console. Frys also has decent discounts on games ranging from Call of Duty: Black Ops to EA Sports Active 2. Then there's 50% off Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition at Kmart.

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tdogchristy904288d ago

I'm tempted to pick up dragon age origins. Idk I just never could get myself to buy it. I didn't like the look of the way it played.

Orionsangel4287d ago

There's a better DS game deal. It's called free! Sorry had to go there.