Which game character would be the best girlfriend?

Asylum: Not too long ago, we asked you which video game characters would make the best drinking buddies. Then we realized there's a much more important question to be debated: What video game character would make the best girlfriend?

We've considered our own refined tastes, as well as the obvious favorites, and narrowed the pool to a fanboy-approved list of 11 video game vixens. Which one would you be willing to listen to vent about her work day (keeping in mind that they may kill aliens or engage in illegal back-alley street fights for a living)?

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NukaCola2968d ago

Elena Fisher for me. She has natural beauty, she's tough as nails but delicate as a flower. Most game girls are depicted very slutty, Bloodrayne, Lara, and definitely Bayonetta. There is just something about Elena that is so down to earth, it's flat out sexy. That is why I think the new Lara Croft is very hot. She lost those big boobs that are kind of a turn off, and took on a gritty cutesy look.

Dark_Charizard2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Chun-li would probably make a better f*ck buddy :P

NukaCola2967d ago

I think her legs would break your pelvis.

Istanbull2967d ago

Elena Fisher, she's like a real life women. I'm glad she was part of the GOTY 2009.

nickjkl2967d ago

obviously the best girlfriend would be tifa

rdgneoz32967d ago

"I think her legs would break your pelvis."

Reminds me of Oh what a way to go...

Iroquois_Pliskin2967d ago

hmm Rayne or Elena... If it doenst work out, Meryl.

Redman222967d ago

Chole because her ass and she's a bad girl.... Elena is whiny/naggin' little witch. lulz

AAACE52967d ago

I say Bayonetta... she can be all the woman you need! lol

Nah really, any of the DoA girls would be fine with me!

jeseth2967d ago

I'd take Elena Fisher too. Smoking hot and doesn't have to be oversexed to show it.

Bayonetta probably has a c%#k.

ChineseDemocracy2967d ago

Elena - Uncharted
Madison - Heavy Rain

Realistically, I think those two would be my choices, just because they seemed really down to earth.

..and Jack from ME2, because I'm in love with bald tattooed babes.

meetajhu2967d ago

I agree with everybody's comment because i love them all!

Army_of_Darkness2967d ago

"and Jack from ME2, because I'm in love with bald tattooed babes."

Uh huh........

malandra2966d ago

Alyx Vance for me, my perfect woman

Elena would be nice too but she might be a little uptight in bed

blackbeld2966d ago

Kasumi from DOA mann she is hot!

mastiffchild2966d ago

No Ada Wong? What's wrong with these people? If repelling zombie/parasite ridden freaks in cocktail dresses isn't enough I dunno what is!

She's cool, mysterious and brave enough to play Wesker off against himself and not shudder-tidy and fearless-just like the missus.

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arjman2967d ago

C'mon, it's gotta be Chloe, she's badass, ultra hot, witty, intelligent and she looks like she know's how to handle a gun, if you get me :P
Plus she looks like she'd give the best f*ck out of the choices...

Silly Mammo2967d ago

She's also a bit of ho who sleeps around to get what she wants. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just wouldn't want her as my girlfriend.

FanboyPunisher2967d ago

so badasss, you need him as a GF.


macky3012967d ago

Solid Snake can get a man pregnant.

Lekumkee2967d ago

FACT: Chuck Norris is Solid Snake's son.

Legion2967d ago

And Chuck Norris gave birth to him while sitting on the toilet. FACT

ScentlessApprentice72967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

She is the ultimate Sugar Momma! She's rich...and...she's super hot. Perfect. Most attractive, voluptuous and classy (oxymoron?) women just look forward to marrying a rich man, becoming trophy wives and have no ambition and no goals beyond the next cosmetic surgery. Lara is the opposite of that. I wonder what Tom Leykis would say about Lara Croft if she was real.

ChrisW2967d ago

I really enjoy spelunking, therefore I guess Lara would be the best companion to have for me.

360 man2967d ago

Sheva from resi 5 is sexy. shes wifey material :D

RememberThe3572967d ago

Haha true dat! I'm feeling that new chick from Call of Juarez: The Cartel thats my kind of look.

ChrisW2967d ago

What makes me laugh about the name Sheva, Sheeva, or what ever spelling you come up with... It originated form "Shiva" which is a half male-half female Hindu god. So technically Shiva is a hermaphrodite.

miyamoto2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Elena is as real as can be but don't forget Blaze Fielding my best mate, part police part bare knuckle brawler.
She sports the best micro mini skirt in all video gamedom.

I also dig another Sega creation Nightshade Kunoichi damn so sexy ninja!

DEagle-izer2966d ago

I can see from your avatar you're a real Streets of Rage fan.

kparks2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

IBUKI looks pretty fly in ssf4 and she could hold u down in a fight always need sum1 to have ur back!! haha

cannon88002967d ago

Tali' Zorah Vas Normandy for sure. Don't care what she looks like under that suite.

CommonSense2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

how can a video game character have "natural beauty?"


Chell, cuz she keeps her trap shut.

and what about Tali from ME?

cannon88002967d ago

Tali' Zorah is a very lovable character.

Commander_TK2967d ago

She'd fucking bite your dick off

Obama2967d ago

Chun Li has porno drawings of her all over the web. Elena Fisher doesn't.

So I say

Chun Li - 1
Elena Fisher - 0

Pandamobile2967d ago


First suggestion for Elena Fisher on Google is "Elena Fisher Rule 34"

Undeadwolfy2967d ago

Lol same with Samus.... o.O

DEagle-izer2966d ago

Dude, it doesn't matter what kind of women you see in videogames, there are always perverted morons who will draw them naked and post them on the net even if it means makin money off of it.

Im glad uncharted is not multiplatform or PC gamers would have been uploaded a mod to have Elena and Chloe running around naked.

ps3destroyer2967d ago

Elena Fisher for me since she's ps3 exclusive.That's how dump ps3 fanboys are.Because if Elena was on a 360 exclusive you would forget the natural beaty and go on talking about how you like bitchy and shit.

ksense2966d ago

with that intelligent comment you sure destroyed the ps3 alright....

t0mmyb0y2967d ago

me thinks u need a gf lol

2967d ago
sich922966d ago

elena is ug-leh!

even the characters are overrated in this game for fks sake :P

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stonecold32968d ago

i think elena fisher .and chun li and cammy , sakura from street fighter and madison paige and lauren winters from heavy rain peace out ?

kparks2967d ago

chun li dont look good at all to me cammy looks pretty good in the movie series but so does chun li what 1 we talkin about why does everyone ignore IBUKI

zeeshan8102967d ago

I agree..lmfao videogame girlfriend?!!??? WTH

RememberThe3572967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Nah man you can't turn the real ones off lol

-Alpha2967d ago

Do those have good graphics?

specialguest2966d ago

Some do, and Some don't. With alcohol, it adds 8xAA to help smooth out the "jaggies", and improve the graphics(temporarily).

INehalemEXI2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

True ;) @ 357

Red_Phoenix2967d ago

Who would you marry, screw, and kill?

I would marry Elena Fisher, screw Bayonetta, and kill Samus Aran.

kparks2967d ago

i would def kill that ashley chick in RE4 haha