Raw DLC: QuesterX presents StarCraft II, E-sports and the Meta game

As the the only person here at DLC-Live who knows anything about StarCraft II (for the rest of this article SCII) let alone loves it, it became apparent and necessary to start giving the rest of the boys here, and you guys, a bit of an insight into what is fast becoming the largest and certainly the most profitable E-sport in the world. For those that are unfamiliar with the term ‘E-sport’ it refers to gamers who play SCII professionally and definitively shift the ‘Meta game’ in a way that trickles down even into the lower leagues where people like myself dwell.

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Newtype2969d ago

When the zerg addon comes, it will be bigger.

Lich1202969d ago

As a follower of Psy, and ever featured in his first fan film (getting owned by BCs) its really cool to see an article praising a fellow vile member. I rue the day I fight against iEchohic lol.