Second Test Drive Unlimited Demo Coming Tomorrow

Atari today announced the forthcoming launch of a new Test Drive Unlimited playable demo for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, via Xbox Live Marketplace. Developed by Eden Games, Test Drive Unlimited has already excited gamers with its massive array of single player challenges and diverse online multiplayer delights. The new demo will be released Thursday August 24th 2006 featuring stunning new vehicles, new challenges, longer play time and a host of other enhancements to give gamers a tantalising taste of racing reinvented. Test Drive Unlimited is scheduled for release across Europe September 8th 2006.

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PS360PCROCKS5376d ago

so we'll see this in what a week? lol jk but hell yeah if the improvements are indeed what they say they are, I thought the game rocked before but if they made improvements it can only get better. I like their approach tho, release a demo, take feedback and fix the game to what people told the, before it releases, that's a way to definetly make a game as perfect as can be for the consumer. I hope more companies do this...

xboxlj5376d ago

At least they are giving a longer time. I hated playing this when my time goes out.