GDC 2011 - Portal 2 Motion Control - Interview and Gameplay Video

gamrFee took some time to talk with Sixense, the company working on the Razer Hydra, a new motion controller for PC. What's of particular interest is the game they were playing with this new toy: Portal 2.

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pixelsword2966d ago

You'll see motion control for PC and PS3, but the 360 will most likely not get pure motion control; maybe they will, but it will require some creative handiwork to not cause a lot of "bam!" moments in the game.

Pandamobile2966d ago

There's not Move support for the PS3 version, FYI.

pixelsword2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

It will probably be a patch, although they did deny it as this article shows that I provided below. One of the writers possibly leaked something that shows that they are actively working on it, plus this video is proof that they are getting a handle on motion controls.

"Though he did promise eventual complete Move support, Faliszek did warn that "Move is a completely new experience for us, so the system is not yet fully integrated [into Portal 2]." It is unclear if the game will have Move support at launch or if will be patched in later, as it was with Heavy Rain and several other titles last year."

young juice2966d ago

the hells wrong with the cameraman??

its like he cant decide what to film and decides to film HALF of BOTH... at the SAME TIME

bozebo2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

@young juice
because he probably needs to show the latency, something that console motion control systems seem to not give a crap about

not that motion control is of any use (for most games) anyway

macky3012966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

You seriously haven't tried Move,.. It seriously basically has no latency at all,.. It is really impressive how precise and lagless it is,..

blumatt2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

I really hope they eventually patch in Move support so I don't have to buy this Hydra controller. I know I'm not the only one who wants Move support.

I never played Portal 1, but Portal 2 looks interesting so I'm definitely gonna try it out. I'm still unsure about buying it, so a rent it will be first. I'm definitely getting the PS3 version though, since it comes with a FREE Steam copy as well as cross platform play between PS3 and Steam players.

Kon2966d ago

The game will receive a Move patch sooner or later. And BTW, Portal 1 is a great game, you should def try it! It requires a lot of thinking

DanCrabtree2966d ago

That is some incredible tech. Not that the Move demos haven't shown really similar gameplay, but it's cool to see it for PC.

bozebo2966d ago

"when you scale the cube it scales the mass with it"


hassi942966d ago

Maybe the energy from the portal gun converts into mass. ;)

hesido2966d ago

Move would be MUCH better with an analogue stick on top, with double moves, much more gaming possibilities would be ours. Sixense does this..