GT5 Series within Spitting Distance of GT4 Sales Already

Given the much smaller install base of PS3 gaming machines in households worldwide, many pundits thought that the 5th iteration of the Gran Turismo series would struggle to reach the lofty heights of its predecessors.

Not so.

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2v14296d ago

man.. that money glitch is making mi head creazy!

Istanbull4296d ago

Gran Turismo 5 is the best racing game in the past 10 years and probably the coming 10 years if you don't count next iterations of Gran Turismo.

The latest updates made this game really a masterpiece.

Polyphony Digital really delivered with this game and the fans appreciate it.

If only the bots and the anti-PS3 media would stop hating on a console/game they don't own.

hiredhelp4295d ago

Given the much smaller install base of PS3 gaming machines in households worldwide,


Schism204296d ago

Its cuz GT5 is the shiznit

ChristianGamer4296d ago

You keep counting shipments and of course it will seem that way. I mean Dead Space 2 shipped 3 million but we all know it hasn't sold as many. Why does ship = sales when it comes to ps3 exclusives?

Jihaad_cpt4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

why are you so annoying if it upsets you so much why do you care? Also shipped numbers are not far behind units sold anyway

BatClarkeee4296d ago

like Pedobear Rocks stated in a comment above, all games are using the shipped units, therefore making this a fair comparison.

Karooo4296d ago

they would have said 5 mil shipped for all ps3 exclusives but they didnt. UC3 is at 3.8 million right now so gtfo

GT5 is incredibly popular.

FailOverHero4296d ago

UC3 hasn't released yet. . .just sayin

banjadude4296d ago

Karooo obviously meant UC2, typos HAPPEN.

r2kcipher4296d ago

Not on my watch. You got 5 mins to edit. DO IT NAO!!!

InspectorG4296d ago

I think the fact that UC3 hasn't been released yet it has sold 3.8 mil is a testament to how much it will blow our minds not to mention the space time continuum...

On topic i havent played GT5 - slightly concerned as I only have a controller, and have heard that it is really only great on a wheel. Can anyone shed some light on this for me.

upturned24295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

Inspector G, get it and get it.

a controller is fine, but since its a driving simulator I wanted and then i bought the Driving Force GT (which is the cheapest Logitech) and i havent stopped playing since launch.

two words:

buy now.

if you dont HAVE the money, just save up. we're telling you.

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IRetrouk4296d ago

can you not just be happy that the best racing game ever is doing well? you know forza 4 will sell some copies too you know, its not a bad thing.

IRetrouk4296d ago

and just to clarify, i will be one of those peps buying forza 4, like i bought the first 3, and like i have bought all GTs too.

MrBeatdown4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

You make it sound like the retailers buying these shipments are out in the desert burying the games rather than selling them. If they are shipping them, retailers are selling them. I'm not seeing any massive piles of GT5 copies sitting on the shelves in any stores. Sooner or later, those shipped games become sold games.

As much as you would like people to believe there is a huge discrepancy between shipped and sold, I don't see you coming out with any numbers to back that up and prove why the shipped versus sold argument is even worth giving a crap about.

FailOverHero4296d ago

Here are some numbers for you. Dead Space 2, shipped 3 million. Sold 1.3 million so far. 1.7 million still not sold. More than half the shipment.
CG ain't saying they are burying them, but shipping does not equal sales, there are probably a million or so copies still not bought. Do you really believe it sold 6.7 million in 6 weeks like they claim? To consumers? Come on man

r2kcipher4296d ago

Nope he never said to consumers. he was saying demand for the game is high so retailers keep buying them. Very simple business concept.

MrBeatdown4296d ago (Edited 4296d ago )

Ah, I see. So because EA ships a large quantity of Dead Space 2 and doesn't sell quite a few of them (great links backing that up by the way), it means that any other company that uses shipped numbers is selling nowhere near close to those numbers.

Sounds like crap logic to me.

insomnium24296d ago

Yes mr beatdown. There are always over 50% sitting on the shelves unsold /s.

maverick404295d ago

@ failoverhero. Are you retarted or something?

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GodofSackboy4296d ago

You and failoverhero can always be seen in PS3 articles. Oh. And watch the vid

hiredhelp4295d ago

IM fedup with this shipment and sales sh*t OK heads up folks witch one person here can say they can tell everyone how many copy's sold worldwide. you cant nobody can.

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clarkdef4296d ago

I think word of mouth is far better on the PS3 over PS2 was, because you're online, everyone sees what your playing, so they go out and buy it to.

So maybe thats why the install base can be smaller and still look to do just as well if not close to GT4 sales.

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