Cliffy B Calls N4G Fanboys “Butthurt” Over Move Comments

Recently, Cliff Bleszinski commented on the PlayStation Move during GDC; saying he can’t help giggling when seeing them and the peripheral looks like “glowing ice cream cones”. Now, the Gears of War creator has hit back on comments aimed at him regarding the Gears of War creator mocking the PlayStation Move.

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stonecold33650d ago

why wouild anyone be butt hurt over your comments cliffy no one is butt hurt but only you ? peace out

INehalemEXI3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

That pic is begging for a gif cliff... ;) hold on, wheres my move...I got 2 of em somewhere.

Redman223650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

^^^Do it do it! lulz

Oh look article number 6. Shouldn't you be ripping off ideas from KZ3 right about now?

Dude how am I supposed to miss you if you're always around? How about we take a short break, you go that way and I'll stay here. OK?

No clicks from me.

BakedGoods3650d ago Show
INehalemEXI3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

relax im not serious lol

LOGICWINS3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

@Baked Goods- Congratulations. That has to be one of the stupidest comments I've seen since I joined this site.

EDIT: LOL, wonderful job editing your comment btw. Switch it back to where you said that Gears fans aren't gamers :)

ScentlessApprentice73650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

"...saying he can’t help giggling when seeing them and the peripheral looks like “glowing ice cream cones”"

Cliffy B. sure sounds and carries himself like a very insightful and mature businessman. /s

He talks bad about the comments made here on N4G, yet with such a moronic and immature comment like that, why should he hate? He would fit right in. His attitude pretty much goes along with most of the industry "journalists" and "critics". The people within the professional side of the gaming community are officially devolving compared to past gaming generations.

BrutallyBlunt3650d ago

Regardless if people like him or not, is it true?

Anyone who spends time here would conclude that yes, it is true, and it's not just related to his comments. Give a Playstation 3 exclusive a low score, watch out.

When you have a majority of Playstation 3 owners in one place it's bound to happen.

Kevin ButIer3650d ago

Lol Cliff must love attention, I bet he is posting this news lol, i've seen lots of posts about him in the last days.

BakedGoods3650d ago Show
Soldierone3650d ago

Gotta admit the man is good at what his job entails, gaining attention and advertising a product. You can do it professionally, or have fun and anger a few fanboys.

At the end of the day would you want people to know you are playing a game by actually holding a controller in your hand? Or would you rather flail around and look completely stupid instead?

MaxXAttaxX3650d ago

It's works really great.

So I don't know what this whole jazz with Cliffy B is about.
Attention hog much?

HolyOrangeCows3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Cliffy is the most immature, outspoken game industry person I've ever known.

That's right. Cry moar, Cliff. I know you're reading this.
You're obviously "butt hurt" enough to respond to some persons like myself on N4G :)

GuruStarr783650d ago

ps move and Kinect are going to go down with a library of games comparable to virtual boy.....I'm seriously contemplating selling them both on eBay......

sad, because the hackers are making the best apps for kinect and move, so they'll never actually get implemented in a good way.

it's getting too late in this generation of systems, and time is running out for MS and Sony to make anything worthwhile for both "controllers".....Be fore you know it, Sony and MS are going to be playing "catch-up" with Nintendo again with whatever the big N comes out with next that sell eleventy-billion units.....

INehalemEXI3650d ago

Virtual boy was pretty sick.

evrfighter3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

lol cliffy be trollin them fanboys. I love this guy now.

cliffy "hai your moms hawt!"

sdf "lawl @ M$ kz3 is teh pwn! even cliffy sez so!!!"

cliffy "you're still a b*tch"

sdf "..." /cry

INehalemEXI3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Sheen > Cliffy get over it lol still got love for cliffy tho ;)

JoySticksFTW3650d ago

I have and love Move.

But seriously, the ball glows pink at times...

Can we control that? I heard it changes color depending on the light in your room, but I don't know for sure.

It's really no biggie, but you can't really blame anyone for poking fun.

Dee_913650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

^^ mines only turn read on killzone

stop approving these dumb cliffy b articles

he starting to look like a attention whore

Istanbull3650d ago

Who does this Cliffy thinks he is? He is nothing but a 2nd grade developper who got accidentally famous for Gears of War.

You're nothing Cliffy, nobody cares for your opinion, you're not Kojima or Miyamoto.

Soldierone3650d ago


Its up to the game to decide what color it is. I believe it can light up 200 something colors, so while its blue it might be a certain shade of blue. Granted if you put up a blue background, then it most likely will choose a differnt color.

However if the game wants red its first choice will be red, unless there is too much red visible in the camera. Thus it goes pink or green or whatever.

KotC3650d ago

"Isn’t “Butthurt” the best term ever? I’m picturing a crying fanboy running around with both hands on his ass, wailing. #someonedrawthis"

That was as funny as "I'm Rick James b*tch"

DaTruth3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Nothing more butthurt than responding in interviews to forum posts!

Even HHG has more class than that! I'll give HHG that much. No matter how many people knock him in N4G comments, he always answers back with something on topic, never gets angry and always leaves a God bless at the end.

For the record, I didn't comment on Cliffy's comment!

Edit @ Kotc above: You don't want to picture "butthurt"; it's more akin to something that happens in the showers in prison!

KotC3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Yeah... HHG is special because he leaves god bless at the end. And whats with the prison and shower part?

paintsville3650d ago

Amen Cliffy. PS3 fanboys bring out the axe when you say ANYTHING that doesn't make the ps3 sound like the second coming.
It's not your fault that Sony shamelessly copied the wii with their pink wavy around ball thingy.

You rule Cliffy. Way to stick to your guns.

Bathyj3650d ago

Its nothing to do with the second coming or PS3 being awesome, (which it is BTW)

Its about 5 years worth of idiots that think that have to keep knocking the PS3 for attention and most the time its ungrounded criticisms.

Giggling over icecream cones? And We're butthurt?
Really Cliffy? Really?

At least I can play a real game on Move. A few of them actually. And they make the game better, not worse.

I cant help but giggle at Xbox fanboys (even ones that work in the industry and should know better) that think they're going to get anything close to what I'm playing with Move on Kinect. Striking balls is about all its been good for so far. No wonder he has no problem with it.

Aquanox3649d ago

It should be worrying for N4G that everyone, including devs know this site for being filled by PS3 fanboys.

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EYEamNUMBER13650d ago

say what you want about the guy but what he says is true though

the levels of butthurt on N4G make the rest of the internet look pale in comparison

Dee_913650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I dont know about everybody else but what i feel sure as hell isnt butthurt about what he said
i feel more along the lines of "wtf" and "ytf"

blahblah3650d ago

although it kinda makes him look butthurt as they don't have ANY other interface for their game.

normal developer butthurt reaction: if you can't compete, mock them and hide your envy.

p.s. since removal of otheros i don't really like ps3 so much, but as any developer i'm a novelty freak and so both move and kinect look interesting to me, just kinect not for games and move not for anything else

joeorc3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

they say the very same thing on VGchartz an other web gaming sites gaf,

an it still seem's that the same tag line is used there an in many places:

O'L those "PS3 fanboy's are the worst"

or those PS3 fanboy's are running this site"

what's funny if the same people commenting , or posting any negative news thay can about the PS3 or about the system's fan's, than they are as much a fanboy of the PS3 than the people they call PS3 fanboy's.

Because if they are so preoccupied with what someone else is doing than that say's alot about them.

IT's just as bad the other way also because if the PS3 fanboy's are just as Obsessive about the xbox360 as much as the xbox360 fanboy's.

you cannot point a finger at someone without pointing a finger at your self first if you want the truth of the matter is it seem's many gamer's today have :

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

about the other in reality they are all fanboy's of the very same thing...


Jazz41083650d ago

I know ps3 fans want kz3 to be the greatest thing out there so there lists can grow but I hate to bust your bubble kz2 outclasses 3 by a long shot. Kz3 graphics are nothing great and the game is boring as hell to play on the single player side. I don't play multiplayer games online much so I won't judge that part of the game but the guy comparing gears to kz3 and saying gears doesn't stand a chance is nothing but a pure fanboy. Epic has made three quality gears games and gg has made one good kz game out of three and even two kz2 was not good in the story dept and game play was mediocore but it had pretty graphics and three. Does not even do that with its frame rate slow down enemies dying through entire walls. It needed a lot more work. On topic cliffy b I agree with you about the shape of the ps move its pretty funny to look at but you won't win a popularity contest on n4g unless you praise the almighty sony it ca do nothing wrong. Ms gets bagged on this site daily but sony is worhiped. Just the facts kids.

gcolley3649d ago

PS3 needs a console FPS king. that is all this is about. goldeneye on N64, Halo on Xbox 1 and now PS3 fanboys will do and say anything to get the next king, it is all about image to them. this is the whole reason the rest of us gamers have to put up with their crap. unfortunately they think best graphics = goty

this is the first gen where PS3 has a contender, but even that has nothing on multiplats (like battlefield) this time around so it is now a pointless pursuit.

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8thnightvolley3650d ago


i knew it wouldnt be long b4 a ciffy B sends a nice joke to send them mental.. looool

FantasyStar3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I'm enjoying all this. PS3 fanboys are in definite rage-mode.

<3 CliffyB.

8thnightvolley3650d ago

exactly i find ps3 fannies so pathetic..

he just gave em praise .. and they lick his hands then turns around and slaps em.. and they bark..

and if i were him i would do the same thing..

if one spends more time playing games than sit on n4g doing SDF who knows we might actually start seeing the ps3 do better software sales wise...

looool watch he is gonna give em a compliment tomorrow only to take it away in the evening.. looool

BakedGoods3650d ago Show
Dee_913650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

lol look at cliffy b cheerleaders

I mean id be kissing his ass too if he was the creator of the only exclusive on my system

so i dont blame you at all

KotC3650d ago

People can argue all day about fanboys this and fanboys that, but Cliffy has a point. Just look at the reaction and comments over this. N4G doesn't light up like this when a developer says somthing about the Wii or Kinect. This just proves that most of whining and crying in the gaming community comes from one side.

DaTruth3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Looks something like the butthurt that occurs when PS3 fanboys tread into Kinect articles!

230 comments of wah, wah, wah from 360 fanboys!

When do you ever see PS3 devs making immature comments about Kinect. I'm sure if such a thing happened, something similar would occur.

damnyouretall3650d ago

i think he makes good games. but anyways move is stupid lookin no doubt, but it can be a hell of alota fun after a few beers.

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Thatguy-3103650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I can careless for what he says... Each to their own opinion, but at the same time as someone professional, I find it childish to make statements like that; not only with him but with people in the gaming business... And these statements come from certain individuals that don't even make astonishing games... Naughty Dog, Rockstar, and all the respected companies in the industry never have downplayed anyone or brag about how Great they're games are, they let the people do the talking... Cliffy has been making a lot of headlines lately and why ? because he's making negative comments about other products.. Just like they say "If you Don't have nothing nice to say just keep it to yourself" its not that hard you know

Ashby_JC3650d ago

I love it when someone types..."I can care less...."

Then proceed to write a paragraph about it. Obviously you care or you wouldnt have taken the time to write anything.

TreMillz3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

it amazes me that a developer has time to care about comments on a forum/news site. 360 fans if gears of war 3 sucks, u know why.

danielle0073649d ago

..What? You're claiming that because Cliffy B reads a news/forum site, and responds, that Gears 3 will suck?

I would think that would mean the opposite. Sure, in this situation, it didn't amount to much other than a "funny" response. But, if he frequents gaming news sites/forums, then he can get a feel for the opinion of certain aspects of the game and the likes / dislikes of the new stuff.

Let's think before we make comments like this, yes? Why would a developer not have a few moments in the day to surf the web, honestly, especially when it's Cliffy B. It's not like he's programming Gears 3 himself, there's an entire team working on the game.

Computersaysno3650d ago

I giggle at the terrible shovelware kinect games microsoft are happily tossing out for want of a decent actual kinect game. I would like to see cliff do better but sadly, i doubt any company can make a compelling kinect title for core gamers, that would make the peripheral essential.

Would fanboys be butthurt over this comment? Probably. Although there is no need to be, im just laying it down. Show me the games

tehReaper3650d ago


I'm not sure if you noticed, but PS3 fanboys "flock" to every exclusive.

You call gamers, people who only support exclusives?


CommonSense3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

exactly. he makes all these ridiculous, hypocritical comments. if you like gears, you're a fanboy. if you like killzone, you're a true gamer. lol

this is such a typical mentality too. especially on n4g.

3650d ago
tehReaper3650d ago

You're correct. Innovation is key. But why should multiplatform games automatically be counted out?

Exclusives do have more potential, but developers work very hard to innovate games, regardless of console.

If developers could achieve the sales numbers like Halo and Gears, more games would be exclusive. But that's not always the case. Only certain exclusives sell well.

But, for the most part, getting off of the superior mindset will allow us, as gamers, to move forward.

This isn't a war between three console giants. It's an industry.

3650d ago
tehReaper3650d ago

I agree with what you're saying, but like I said, multiplatform games innovate no matter what anyone claims about exclusives.

I don't see why we all argue back and forth about which console is better, when in reality the tech specs are incredibly close.

Wanna see innovation?

Theres one person, myself, trying to innovate the social networking industry.

Will I be successful? I don't know, but I'm trying.

CommonSense3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

what exactly is innovative about killzone OR uncharted? uncharted is basically gears meets tomb raider with its characters and story lifted from National Treasure. and killzone is gears in first person. there is NOTHING innovative about them. this is where i find the fanboy argument to be hilarious. you can sit there and honestly (in your head) criticize exclusives for the other system, but when it's on the system you chose to buy, it's innovation. killzone 3 is simply the worst mainstream shooter of the generation. and while i certainly enjoy me some uncharted, i don't think it's the mega hit, genre defining, trend-setter that the ps3 fanboys like to pretend it is. it's good game, but nothing special and certainly not great.

and i feel the same way about gears of war. it's a fun game (the first one anyway), but it's certainly far from great.

the best games (and the some of the most innovative) of the generation are multiplatform games. portal, bioshock, assassin's creed, mass effect, BC2, half-life 2 (though, to be fair, that really came out last generation on pc...which is sad cuz it's still the best shooter ever made and the source engine still holds its own against just about everything on console today).

to sit there and say anything other than Killzone is graphically impressive is a joke. the multiplayer is laughably bad (there's no balance what-so-ever), the 5 death match maps are small and uninspired with also no balance, the single player is just another pointless story used only as a reason to guide you to the next place to shoot, snipe, shoot some more at the most bland, unoriginal enemies ever put into a blockbuster. seriously..i'm 4 hours into the campaign and i've seen 3 different units and basically an alternation between vehicle section and on foot. so it's basically call of duty with a gimmicky cover sytem that i have used one time because the tutorial told me to.

there is only one system where games can get away with being mediocre and still get praised as the greatest thing ever...and that's ps3. and you do it with EVERY game. every time a new exclusive is announced, you've already decided it's GOTY and that it's going to be the best game you've ever played. You did it with UC2, you did it with KZ2 and KZ3, you did it with inFamous, you are doing it with last guardian, you did it with MGS4. this is a predictable, TIRED trend that anyone with the slightest shred of neutrality in gaming recognizes. so stop being hypocrites and calling other people fanboys. it's pathetic.

let the disagrees fly...

EDIT: and just preempt all the responses, I already know you'll just focus on semantics cuz that's just what you do. or you'll make my favorite claim "obviously you never played it."

to which i'll reply with "KZ3 starts with you pretending to be hellgast. then your superior yells at you with the worst voice acting i've heard in a while. then you are told you're pulling out. then you get in a tank but you don't get to play it, it's just a cutscene. then you shoot some stuff, then you get in a tank, then you shoot some more stuff, then you snipe, then you get into a vehicle section in those things that look like the robot from avatar." i'm a li'l past that. not sure i can go on much longer though. it's just bad

mantisimo3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )


I never played killzone 3 either but I saw the introduction video walkthrough on you tube.

Jus saying.

CommonSense3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

that covers quite a bit more than the intro...

way to add fuel to the impending flames though.

eliasg3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Does anyone in here ever referred to the amazing graphics of Red Dead Redemption??? No and what`s the reason??? Easy!!! It`s not an exclusive game of the Playstation 3

Rainstorm813650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

commonsense....your post is hilarious.

First i cant get past Assassin's creed being one of the most innovative games this gen.

I love it when people call out other people for stuff they themselves do.

You keep calling out Uncharted 2 as nothing special, yet it was GotY 09 for many publications and developers.

Now with the KZ franchise ive learned gamers have a love-hate relationship with the game..but the way you describe the game pretty much describes 90-95% of FPS on the market including Halo.

Besides any game can be belittled the way you described U2 and KZ. "Gears is just a violent Kill.switch mixed with Halo" Do you see how that doesnt remotely do the game justice??

Besides why try and call out PS3 fanboys when all fanboys are just as bad? Every fanboy thinks their platform of choice, games are the best. Ive seen people on N4G say Starcraft 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Gran Turismo 5, and Halo Reach all for GotY 2010. I mean its the guys that feel like Kinect is the complete future of gaming, the Wii is the best console since the PS2 and the PS3 is infallable that are the issue.

To point the finger at any one person/group is ridiculous & to knock good games makes it even worse.


Edit @ above - ive seen people PS3/360 supporters alike praise RDR even during the entire sub-HD debacle, not to mention that the game looks better on 360.

Rainstorm813650d ago

looks at disagrees

I guess guess Cliffy B is right N4G fanboys do get butthurt easily......SMH

3650d ago
CommonSense3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

you're right, except that you called out the wrong person. you see, where i was simply calling out a game for being bad, the other guy was calling out a game for being good or bad for being an exclusive.

big difference.

you'd get that if you weren't on the same end of the spectrum as he is.

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Blad3star3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

WTF N4G...I said butt hurt N4G fanboys some time back and I got banned but you let an article that says the same thing hit the front page.

I have to wonder about this mods some times.

The N4G fanboys will have your head Cliffy.

radphil3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Maybe because there's a way to emote on what you mean without going to immaturity stance.

On the article at hand:

Really? People are angry over THAT statement? All he said was it looks like an ice-cream cone. I mean what's next? People getting pissed for someone saying Kinect looks like the head of ROB the robot?

The thing is I dunno what's worse: People got pissed over a pointless comment, or those encouraging the instigating. =X

Solidus187-SCMilk3650d ago

I dont know what he said about move, but if it was anything other than call it "the best ever!!!!" then the fanboys on n4g would be butthurt.

If all he said was it "looks like a glowing ice cream cone" then I dont think the fanboys have any reason to be angry. Im not sure what he said, but it doesnt matter to me. Who cares really, I dont care about individual developers, only the teams and the games they make.

I think cliff gets alot of hate nomatter what he says. I seen haters when he just says neutral stuff, or even talking about his own game.

Cliffy B will continue to make pointless comments, haters will get mad no matter what he says, and N4G fanboys will always be butthurt.

GJ Cliffy B, keep up the good work on gears 3.

shooterexpert3650d ago

dont give this website hits.

Garbage flamebait is not news worthy.

He just follows his twitter and maeks an entire story out a tweet.

Don't support this bs on n4g.

Actual news or no hits thats how it should be.

the_kutaragi_baka3650d ago

Cliff is mad now because Killzone 3 seel more than Bullestorm.
Bulletstorm does crappy on PS3, yeah.
Now he ditch the PS Move and praise Kinect lol.

ps3destroyer3650d ago

Sorry but you're butthurt as hell.Because when anyone talks about Kinect you say motion controls fail and add Move in there so that you won't be called a troll.And when someone mocks Move everyone goes defending it like Move is hardcore and Killzone,Uncharted are casual games.

seinfan3650d ago

Yet you still have an adverse reaction to what he has to say. Plenty of people like Move. Plenty of people think it's as gay as the other motion devices.

Staude3650d ago

Why are we forced to see a article about every twitter this guy does.

If we wanted to do that ... IM PRETTY SURE.. We would just follow his freaking twitter ? It's on every damn page. New twitter comment !... It's really starting to get annoying.

Inside_out3650d ago

Please Cliff, be more specific. It's a certain group of N4g'ers that are butthurt. There are people here who own ALL consoles ( like myself ) who don't want to be lumped with those self entitled butthurt " attack " anything not related to their console of choice wannabe

Just look at this

Imalwaysright3650d ago

@ instanbull He is a person that has his own opinions but since he didnt say something good about a Sony product on N4g he is considered an idiot by the biggest idiots on the entire industry: fanboys... the irony.

He has done more for the industry than you idiots will ever do but you morons think that he isnt allowed to speak his mind when you useless fanboys go to gaming websites trolling and spamming every day with your one sided fanboy drivel. At least Cliffy speaks his own mind and just for that i have more respect for him than you useless fanboys that let a couple of brands that just want your money cloud your judgement.

FinalSpartan3650d ago

man this game is bear funny. PS3 fanboys owned.

SonyPS3603650d ago

lo and behold, this comments section is filled with butthurt fanboys trying in vein to disprove him.


gman_2973650d ago

Seriously, can I stop coming to N4G and seeing another "Cliffy B says some stupid shit" articles? We get it, Cliffy B is a 360 fanboy and this site is evidently made up of PS3 fanboys because we prefer the PS3 over 360.

Yeah, we get it, this site sucks, Cliffy B. Stop your bitching, mind your own goddamn business, and go make some games. I doubt calling potential customers, "butt hurt" is really helping your profits go sky high.