Heavy Rain Sells 2 Million Units

David Cage, head of Quantic Dream, has announced Heavy Rain has sold over two million units.

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Abash2971d ago

I remember David Cage said he thought Heavy Rain would sell only 200,000 copies. It must be nice having your game sell 10x what it was expected to sell

DORMIN2971d ago

Well deserved.

Can't wait to see what they do next

Quagmire2971d ago

Yea, when Ninja Theory makes something original and sells underwhelmingly, despite the developers outspoken predictions about lack of sales, thay get hammered for it.

TheBlackSmoke2970d ago

@ above... NO

Ninja Theory complained about PS3 because Heavenly sword did not sell well as it was on one console, so they make their next game multiplat and it sells less than HS....Now we have established what actually happened instead of your spin to make your point fit.

And Pleeease, Heavy Rain is a far superior game to Enslaved.

Istanbull2970d ago

@Quagmire: Ninja Theory are butthurt because Enslaved sold less than Heavenly Sword despire Enslaved being multiplatform.

Karma is a bitch.

On topic: Heavy Rain is such a good game, Demon's Souls+Heavy Rain=master pieces we will remember forever

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hakis862971d ago

Really really enjoyed this game - can't wait to see what they make next!!

badz1492971d ago

can't wait for their next!

AKA2971d ago

congratulations QD and David C and thank PS for risking it
its a great game and my 2010 GOTY.
day one on your next ip

blumatt2971d ago

Yeah, you gotta hand it to Sony for financing large niche titles like this and The Last Guardian. Sony takes chances with original IPs that other game companies would never do.

Kishin2970d ago

ICO, Shadow Of Colossus niche? ROFL, Right OOOOkay whatever.... By no means were those game low-sale niches and so won't The Last Guardian O-o.

As for the good sales of Heavy Rain that's outstanding indeed. Now if they could release the other planned DLC i'd be a happy camper.

RememberThe3572970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

@Kishin: Actually Ico is a really niche game and Shadow of the Colossus didn't blow away sales numbers either. Those titles are still niche and very far from the mainstream.

And the Heavy Rain DLC was canned for Move support. Cage said that it was either DLC or add Move support and he wanted to add Move support because it was closer to how he envisioned the original design of the game. At least thats how I remember it.

Raoh2971d ago

is this a vgcharts sister site?

moegooner882971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Probably not VGChartz has Heavy Rain sales at 1.65 million

RGB2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

More fake numbers by VG. :)

Heavy Rain is superb, QD deserve this big time.

metsgaming2971d ago

Cage said it himself so of course its not vgcharts its an accurate number.

360FTW22971d ago

Funny, cause the other day when Sony said they sold 41.6M PS3 world wide, you guys said they were in error. Funny how that works. :)

garos822971d ago

funny, cause you will probably lose bubbles just as fast as 360ftw1 account

IRetrouk2971d ago

well if you stopped trolling for a sec and listen you would know that that number is wrong and that the actual total, on the official site adds up to 47.9 mill, Q4 wasnt added to the numbers, this has already been proven, but you know that dont you?

360FTW22971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

@garos82, unlike you obviously I can careless about a damn bubble. Also, I checked...360FTW1 is not being used, thanks though, if I need to make a second account I know what name is available. Douche.

@IRetrouk, dude I'm just quoting what I say with my own eyes; a sony slide that they produced to the world stating that they sold 41.6M PS3s world wide. Whether they are wrong or right, the slide said what it said.

Why exactly does that provoke you to produce you own numbers; only god knows.

And I was not trolling, my comment to that dude is 100% true, if speaking the truth is trolling, then I guess I'm guilty. Just because a comment pisses you off, doesn't make it trolling.

IRetrouk2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

dude it dont piss me off but you were in the articles that croped up about this, and you obviously seen the links to the official sony site that clearly states that 47.9 mill ps3 have been sold upto but not including Q4 numbers, i havnt made these number up you joker they are from the offical site.

heres the link, you can add numbers together, cant you?

Pedobear Rocks2971d ago


Please take a look at Sony's site where they stat 47.9 sold

Now subtract the last quarter's sales of 6.3 magic it equals 41.6...the number on the slide...

Is this hard to understand?

livinwitbias2971d ago

" magic it equals 41.6...the number on the slide..."

Why can't you guys see the point 360FTW2 is trying to make. He's not saying the 47.9 numbers is wrong, what he's saying is that Sony muddied the waters by Months later stating that the number was 41.6. Now there's doubt which number is correct.

Two additional things have happened, one thing is you and other fanboys like the 47.9 number so there is nothing that would make you call it a bad number. I don't even think Sony could convince you otherwise as their slide has proven. The second thing is even with all the confusion and fanboy banter SONY has NOT come out with numbers to clarify what the real numbers are.

If you want to explain something, please explain why Sony haven't corrected or at least clarified the (so-called) bad slide.

Just a simple question, no need to set my house on fire.

nycredude2971d ago

It doesn't matter what ftw2 point was it was completely off topic and not even relevant to the person he was replying to. David Cage said this NOT Sony so why did he bring up Sony? Last I check Quantic Dreams is NOT owned by Sony.

Anon19742971d ago

"please explain why Sony haven't corrected or at least clarified the (so-called) bad slide."

Umm. Because it's not wrong? The slide said over 41.6 million (the exact number from the quarter before last). And according to Sony's official financial reports - it's over 47, which is also over 41.6 million.

Seriously - it's a slide from a presentation some network guy gave at a conference using old numbers. This verses Sony's official financial update filed with the SEC and given to all their shareholders. Gee. I wonder which is more current? /s

Some guy gave a presentation about PSN and hadn't updated his slide for the month. If you seriously don't know who to believe, a slide form some guy at a presentation to a room full of nerds or an official document filed with the SEC, I really don't know what to tell you.

And didn't we just go through this with Major Nelson a few months back? He said 42 million 360's sold even though the financials had just come out saying 44.5 million? Anyone remember that? Did you start baying for Microsoft to clarify their numbers or did you think it's the old number and the financial report is probably the one to go by?

Inside_out2970d ago

The demographic on PS3 is a weird bunch. A game that is nothing more than a long rte has passed some great games. It's also the least technical game on PS3 as it could be played on an

Well done Quantic. Maybe now you will see a sharp increase in RTE games like Heavy Rain...impressive. The re-release of this game with Move support gave it a second life.

I love the girls face at trailer...

BTW...another 400,000 and this " interactive " game will pass KZ 2...O_o

RememberThe3572970d ago

It's funny how butthurt people can get over old sales numbers in Powerpoint presentations...

They were old numbers, get over it.

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Rage_S902971d ago

good to hear deserves it

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