Cliffy B Praises PS3 Exclusive

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has delivered high praise and compliments to a certain PS3 exclusive.

stonecold34736d ago

oh cliffy why dont you make an exclusive for the ps3 also and to see wheather if your games can match the ps3 exclusives all together. peace out ?

Iroquois_Pliskin4736d ago

He´s right though, Demon´s Souls multiplayer was very engaging

MysticStrummer4736d ago

Still my Game of the Generation thus far. One of those rare games that actually makes you feel like you did something substantial when you finish it. Bring on Dark Souls, though I can't see how the new save system will do anything but make the game easier.

Imtey4736d ago

I bet Cliffy's reading these comments right now lol.

High Cliffy *waves*, I haven't played any of your games except for some UT game I can't remember, but I watched the whole of your GDC talk (all 50 mins) on Gamespot; you're a very good speaker and I fouund your words very inspirational :)

Redman224736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Cliffy, please enough with the comments...and get back to work OK sweetie.


(This is like the 5th article on this guy. This isn't your own personal version of twitter/myspace/facebook ya know)

sobekflakmonkey4736d ago

Loved Demons Souls, it was an amazing game.

malandra4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Demon's Souls, along with Uncharted 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4, is the best game this generation

I remember the terror that I felt when I first read "A BLACK PHANTOM HAS INVADED YOUR GAME", I ran to the portal like a little bitch

Active Reload4736d ago

For all you people who dislike the guy, you sure do seem to flock to whatever the guy has to say. Weird...

JoySticksFTW4736d ago

C'mon man!

None can deny the power of Demon's Souls!

No one!!

I hope that DS does not take a back seat to Dark Souls.

I'm hoping that DS2 is not forgotten about, because I really, REALLY want to see beyond that broken arch stone and also know how that other Twin Fang broke through the fog to warn other kingdoms of Boletaria's plight.

A Demon's Souls prequel would be so cool now that I stop to think of it. Not what happened before the fog; maybe just as that fog started to appear so we can see all of the madness and destruction as it happens.

That may take away from the eerie, lony atmosphere of the game though. And may really change the cool multiplayer dynamic as well -- there'd be more sane people running around to interact with, not just a few npc's and silent summoned souls.

But it would be cool to play as the hero who caged Yurt, for instance.

Or interacting with / killing some of those black phantoms back when they were alive, like the meat cleaver wielding one and those three hero black phantoms behind the crossbow men on the slain dragon.

Maybe even see some of the rituals in World 4.

That kind of stuff...

BDSE4736d ago

Are we going to have a news report every time this guy posts something o twitter?

I mean I couldn't care less what he thinks.

What's next? "CLIFFY B WIPES ARSE"- a tweet by tweet exclusive on Cliffy B's best poo ever.

Vherostar4736d ago

I dont like games that sell themselves on difficulty so I avoided demons Sould however his analogy of online is SPOT ON.

"The current way we usually play multiplayer games online is like going to a pub and hoping you run into everybody."

deafwing4735d ago

why is it that everything this guy says is news worthy? soon N4G will post titles that read -

"cliffy b, taking a dump, thinking about a new IP"

really guys ... :/

TheREAL-HyDRo1x4735d ago

Reply to MysticStrummer

Actually it will make the game harder! Demon's Souls allowed you to save anywhere just by pressing start then opening something up then pressing start again or by picking something up, thats way to easy it also allowed for rage quit, now you wont be able to rage quit because you'll just start all over again.

Rumbanana4735d ago

He's right?!?!? He only did this to stay relevant because he knows that it won't be so for much longer. Demon Souls was an engaging game but I know when to spot the idiot that starts to compliment the enemy because he knows he'll get his ass whooped.

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DoomeDx4736d ago

Whats up with the billions of Cliffy B articles lately

radphil4736d ago

Pfft Shark Week beats out Cliffy B Week. :p

Iroquois_Pliskin4736d ago

its a CONSPIRACY! Cliffy wants to leave microsoft and join SONY /s

Wenis4736d ago

The GDC might have something to do with it.

badz1494736d ago

Geodouche can learn a thing or 2! fame by creations, not destruction!

humbleopinion4736d ago

If there was a cliffy B game it would have probably hit 1000000 degrees right now.
But don't blame the guy, blame shitty ass websites like vghq.net who balantly copy articles and interviews from other websites, and the split each one into something like 5 sensational out of context headlines, covering up crappy and pointless content.
And then blame yourself for actually falling for this again and clicking on the source link instead of downrating the story quality

RedDevils4736d ago

he is like those drunken chicks at the party :P

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ChineseDemocracy4736d ago

I clocked so many hours into that game, I found it very rewarding. Looking forward to Dark Souls!

KROBOS93939394736d ago

dark souls looks like shit
as long as it's not called Demon Souls 2
i won't care about it
and don't forget it's coming out on the 360 too

George Sears4736d ago

Dark Souls looks almost exactly like Demon's Souls if you watched the latest trailer. I have no idea why you are saying Dark Soul sucks without seeing more or giving it more of a chance.

MysticStrummer4736d ago

@BluePumpkin - Dark Souls looks fine. If you want to be upset about it going to 360 that's your business, but don't lie about the reason. Only thing that bugs me about it so far is that save point stuff.

Tony-Red-Grave4736d ago

hant personally tried the game yet but from what ive heard its only a mater of time for me that asid

cliff b<dave jaffy btw have you noticed cliffy-jaffy

huzzaahh4736d ago

Guys, I imagine BluePumpkin7 is being sarcastic... or trying to be sarcastic and clearly not succeeding at it.

blahblah4736d ago


lol, butthurt much lately? looks like shit? engine and style is exactly the same, so it can only improve

i for one played ds 1500+ hours and the only bad thing about dark souls from what i know is that save system will seriously cripple multiplayer

on 360? if game will go from PSN to P2P (which it kinda has to if they want people from both consoles to play together), IT IS ABOUT FUCKING TIME! PSN dedicated servers just ment more lag since distance was even bigger. the more players there are, the merrier. i play games to enjoy, not to fulfill my daily ass kissing to my corporate master who made console

and what is with people and pause/save? there is no pause in multiplayer, or should everybody freeze and console saying "xxx gone to pee". beside the fact that it will make duping child easy and every freaking session at level 1 will have maxed out weapons.

you could easily pause/save if you quit game and then continued exactly at the place you did that. there should only be penalty like 5 levels down if you quit during multiplayer.

also i could only wish, please From... phantom duping fix, arena and checking latency before session connects... ohhh yes, most importantly... count successful invasions instead of bp killed. it only brought whole lot of start campers and much less invasions because 7-10 invasions were directly into spawn nest

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saladthieves4736d ago

He finally realized that the PS3 has a lot more games for the hardcore

SuicideShaun4736d ago

Hmmm... I don't see that anywhere in the article. Man I must always get the wrong link on this n4g site because everyone always says things that I don't see in the article!