One week later: Did 'Halo 3' rock your world?

Great graphics and awesome gameplay weren't what awed Maureen Scott, from Brockville, Canada. She wrote to tell me that her 17-year-old stepson had worked at a local Subway to save money to pre-order the game, buy an Xbox 360 and a brand-new LCD TV on which to play the game.

"Your average 17-year-old boy could not tell at 4 p.m. on a Saturday what he plans to do for the evening, much less for the rest of the weekend."

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PS360PCROCKS4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Halo 3 still rocks my world and only keeps getting better now that I have had time to explore more with the forge and everything...lemme tell ya it's fun to set up little traps and blow each other up or just put a bunch of bombs by a guy than drop a tank on his head to watch everything go flying in beautiful glory. It's really a funny ass experience.

edit:: I got 3 disagrees because I am having fun with the game? Oh ok. @Rogimus Prime "as a adult with limited time" which I most certainly am between work and school. I never said I sit their and drop tanks over and over I was merely talking about the scope of crazy things you can do that are just goofy and enjoyable. To everyone F you for your disagrees, half you dipsh!ts in here don't and won't own Halo 3.

marinelife94060d ago

I question whether or not some of those "emails" were really written by grandma's and moms. Of course if its on MSNBC and it's about a MS game for a MS console it must be fact.

stunt2134060d ago

I agree with everything because i have been playing halo 3 a lot at my friend's house except for the part "great graphic" its an ok graphic.

masterg4060d ago

Too be honest. I would have dropped playing Halo 3 single player after half an hour if it wasn't "Halo 3". I just doesn't feel new or next gen.

rogimusprime4060d ago

Personally, I think for any working adult with limited time, Having a tank dropped on your head would be amusing a total of 1 time before It made me want to scream.

Halo 3 outshined Halo 2 in everyway. I think the scripting and cutscenes in the campaign could use some work. Everyone is focusing on how good the multiplayer is, but ignoring that the story pretty much sucked. You mean I waited six years just to see the convenant leave? Capt Keyes daughter get shot in the back and Johnson have a lame death?

I play multiplayer to have fun. So it gets 10/10 hands down. the weapons are more balanced too, and the equipent was a great idea.

But I play the campaign for the story, and well, I wasn't impressed. It also seems like bungie has to add 1 level every game to torture people. The library in the first game, the Library again in the second game, and the "cortana" mission in the third game.

Just a terrible, terrible level.

Can I have one person disagree with me and explain why they liked this level?

i Shank u4060d ago

glad to see someone else rage about that level. i love halo 3 just because ill be playing online for a dang longed time, but the single player runs dry on cortana, and the end level isnt much better either. i finished the campaign yesterday and think the story and overall conclusion to everything was shallow and half-baked (like my brain lol).
on the good side levels 3,4,6, are sic, and level 7 replaces assault on control room as the best singleplayer halo level IMO.
bungie arent masters of singleplayer, but as a whole game package halo3 rules

archpsyker4060d ago

My opinion: Halo 3 didn't live up to the hype that was created. While there are some great features, I have to say I'm somewhat disappointed with it. The campaign was surprising short compared to the other two. And being revealed that is 640p upscaled to 720p or 1080p was a bit of a let down also.

marc 19754060d ago

halo was superb... halo 2 was not cause i did not have online.. but halo 3 single0player is just ok... but online it shines big time best online game i have played..

marc 19754060d ago

for single0 player 10 out of 10 online

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