Wii dominating PS3 in Japan

Nintendo's Wii videogame console outsold Sony's PlayStation 3 by more than four to one in Japan in April-September, game magazine publisher Enterbrain said on Monday.

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pilotpistolpete4132d ago

4-1 is bad, but it's actually better for the ps3 than earlier in the year.

xbotsRidiots4132d ago

dont we all know this already? now i wonder what the Wii is beating the 360 by 1000-1???

Coffin874132d ago

wii is dominating everything.. so what.

i care a little more about ps3 totally dominating the 360 in japan and europe. this is the kind of cognition i care about.

Rockstar4132d ago

Wow, this IS news
No one knew this.


JIN KAZAMA4132d ago

The Wii is not teh direct competitor for the PS3. Thats like comparing the sales of a lamborghini and a Honda Civic.

rwalrond4132d ago

If the Wii is not competing with the PS3 and 360 then what is it competing with? When I walk into any store selling video games, it sure looks like they're all competing for my money.

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The story is too old to be commented.