$39.99 Version of Warhawk, Minus Bluetooth Headset, To Hit Retail Stores Later This Month

A Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson has confirmed to Level Up that sometime later this month, retailers will begin selling a $39.99 SKU of Warhawk that does not include the Bluetooth headset. When the game went on sale in August, two versions were available: a download-only version sold through the Playstation Network for $39.99, and Blu-Ray disc version with a Jabra Bluetooth headset packed in, for $59.99. With this price reduction, the retail and digitally distributed versions of Warhawk now sell for the same price.

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Danny Dan4130d ago

Either the downloadedable version sold great and Sony wants to release that price point into retailers, or it sold crappy and they need to get more sales from retail.

Either way, get Warhawk its awesome!

tk4130d ago

I think it will only work or those with fast internet connections. Down here we have slow internet connections - at absurd prices. My connection is 3.6MBs, and is 500MB per month. And this is the typical package here. I might pick up the BR version... but... can anyone maybe tell us what is the bandwidth requirements and usage for a typical Warhawk game?

TheDietzofLegends4130d ago

I'm not exactly sure what it is per game but from my experience about 5 hours of constant non-hosting games with 24 people in-game is about 250mB and an additional 125mB uploading if you're hosting. I pretty sure about these figures because at good 'ole Penn State we have 2 gigs a week to work with, so many hrs of Warhawk really burns up our bandwidth restrictions. Because if this I've been keeping track.

PimpHandHappy4130d ago

i cant see how ppl with a PS3 could pass this game up. It is a ton of fun and at 40bucks u cant go wrong

BloodySinner4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

If you don't have high-speed internet then that's a different story, isn't it?

Vojkan4130d ago

No, that means you either live in cave or in some 3rd world countrie. Seriously who has "slow" internet these days!?

BloodySinner4130d ago

Tell that to all those people who own a Wii and PS2 (consider the demographic).

SmokeyMcBear4130d ago

this is not an online game only, this is a multiplayer game. You can have 4 player splitscreen as well as networked ps3's playing this game. I remember halo1, it wasnt about online play, well at least for the group of friends that i had who played it, it was about splitscreen fun at the pad, so uhhhh.. get some friends man

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rusgreim4130d ago

Already on the discount rack!

It can join all of PS3's 15 SKU's.

360 FTW.

nasim4130d ago

WARHAWK has the best MP mode .

ur Bioshock--a boring game without MP cost 60$ and almost everyone repented after purchasing it.

RESISTANCE and MOTORSTORM still cost 60$ and outsell almost all x360 games all over EU

pilotpistolpete4130d ago

Sony lowers it's price, and the xbot complains. Keep playing your 360 little sheep.

And btw, PS3: 60, 20 and 80 = 3 sku
360: Core,Premium , Elite, Halo version = 4 sku ( and more if you mention the falcon chips addition as new skus)

P1MPDADDY4130d ago

Warhawk is a great game. I didnt mind paying the $60.00 to get it because I was also able to get the Bluetooth headpiece which is also compatable with my cell phone. They just want to make the game available on disc for the same amount as what you can download it for. I am actually surprised that more people havent purchased this game for the PS3. To me Warhawk and Ninja Gaiden Sigma are the best games so far for the PS3...

TeaDouble_E4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

Your a fanboy and a flip flopper, go back to Yeah you where part of that community and I read your post, all of them were 360 fanboy comments you made, and you do the same thing on this site. Back to the subject its cool they made a price drop for the retail ver. suck u cant get the headset any more.

P1MPDADDY4130d ago

Ya I was on 1up at one time, obviously so were you. So take your own advice and tuck your tail between your legs and LEAVE. Ya I do like the 360 more than the PS3. Doesn't mean I can't recognize a good game when I have seen it/played it/owned it. If you precious feelings are hurt because I made some anti-PS3 statements in the past. Oh well. Get over it. It wont be the last time I do it...

If you want to be loyal to one brand then your a dumba$$. There is no reward for your loyalty. The smart "real" gamer allows themselves to experience all the games. Whether its the 360, PS3, Wii or PC. Thats what I'm all about. Now go "Pray Beyond" for some more games with the rest of the Sony Sausage Smugglers.

Back to the subject. Warhawk is an excellent game. I just wish the voice chat worked better, and the random disconnects and lockups in Warhawk werent exactly great either. Needless to say I would enjoy this game on any platform, thats how good it is...

TeaDouble_E4129d ago

First off did I say I was better ? Secondly I was NEVER part of 1up, I always see you make a post showing off your [email protected] as your advatar and you did the same till you had to change it on this site. Dont try to make false accusations on some u dont even know. I remember it was you defending Peter Moores departure on 1up, you acted like a fanboy on that site and you do the same on this one. Third I made my advice and gave it for you, why should I get back what I gave ? Can you even make your own advice.

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