LOT - Head2Head: MLB 2K11 Demo Screen (HD 720p)shot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting HD screenshot comparison! This week we take a look at the demo for 2K’s flagship Baseball title MLB 2K11. The demo for MLB 2K11 was released this past week on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Find out which version looks looks like its prime to make the All Star team and which version is destined to play second string below."

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Joe Bomb3695d ago

I downloaded both last night and they both have a terrible problem with shadows. It was still a great Baseball game though.

RudeSole Devil3695d ago

Yea not the best but looks like the PS3 version had better SSAO.

Hanif-8763695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

2k Sports games are always plagued with jaggies and horrible shadows. Why don't they step up their game? and learn to program better especially when they are some of the few developers that can't code properly for the PS3 yet. I called this comparison before i even click the link. I knew that the Xbox360 version would have slightly better anti-aliasing and richer colors and considering that MLB the show looks like a next generation Baseball game compared to this, you know that the developers are [email protected] themself!

a_bro3695d ago

why you should buy mlb the show instead...

RudeSole Devil3695d ago

Agreed, but doesn't look that bad.

Death24943695d ago

Yeah Gametrailers rated MLB 10 The Show higher than MLB 2k10 last year.

matt_hooper3695d ago

I thought this demo was a blast to play even with the pixelated shadows

Soul Train3695d ago

2kgames is really doing a great job with their sports titles. NBA2K11 was the best Basketball game I've ever played and this is looking like another winner. Can't wait for it to be released.

NaiNaiNai3695d ago

Sports games are the bane of gaming.

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