Microsoft Searching for Gamers ‘Favourite Videogame Couple’

Following the poll asking games to vote for their ‘favourite hero’ conducted back in January, Microsoft has launched an all-new research survey, asking gamers to vote for their ‘favourite videogame couple’. The survey is being conducted by contacting members of the online gaming network, LIVE, and once again features only the one question.

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Shok2971d ago

Cloud and Sephiroth.

Seriously, those 2 act so gay for eachother. Their whole dialogue is "Cloud..." and "Sephiroth!"

Yi-Long2971d ago

... Super Meat Boy and Bandage Girl!

M4I0N32971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

hahah, i knew it was Queers of War :P

Active Reload2971d ago

Because you're looking for some queers ;). You said a lot about yourself with that statement, lol.

M4I0N32971d ago

LoL dude was only joking.

The games good though, i've only played the 1st one.

Blad3star2971d ago

The person who drew that pic has some serius closet issues.

Downtown boogey2971d ago

You should definitely check out number two. Horde is awesome with a friend.

HolyOrangeCows2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Maria is dead. The floodgates have opened.


DarkBlood2971d ago

lol hey it was bound to happen to him sooner or later :P

TheBatman_Fanatic2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

I know, when I seen he article, then the image I was like lolwtf?

DiLeCtioN2971d ago

I can't believe batman hasn't killed you yet, wonder why?

xtremexx2971d ago

lol, that was a good one

Chnswdchldrn2971d ago

lol wtf is up with that thumbnail

trainsinrdr2971d ago

luis lopez and blowjob gal

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The story is too old to be commented.