Playstation 3 Shipments to be Seized in US?

European Customs began seizing incoming shipments of Playstation 3 consoles in the Netherlands as LG won an injunction against Sony in a patent case regarding Blu-Ray technology. LG had also stated that it would work toward similar measures in the US and it seems that is gaining some traction.LG vs. sony

In the US, the International Trade Commission has agreed to look into the matter. Four patents are included in complaint and they cover both the PS3 and certain Bravia televisions. LG is asking to ban sale of the devices in the US market which could provide extremely detrimental to Sony’s bottom line. While this is most likely a scare tactic to get Sony to settle, their injunction win in the EU seems to have emboldened LG and seems there is some truth to their claims.

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blackout4291d ago

WOW this is CRAZY. What does this mean for Sony?

BK-2014291d ago

They have been able to sell everywhere but Holland for 10 days. The U.S. gov't won't agree to a ban.

Dark_Charizard4291d ago

Why? Is the US govt biased against LG?

blackburn54291d ago

Really? So I have been hearing right about it just being Holland for 10 days. So what is all the talk about LG wining in Europe? If they can sell every where but Holland then is that really that much of a problem?

TOO PAWNED4291d ago

I have gotten word that aliens are to invade us tomorrow. can i publish it on N4G? O damn I need crappy site or blog.

Livin_in_a_box4291d ago


Well no seeing as it's not gaming news :\

BattleAxe4291d ago

I don't understand how LG was able to get the ban in Holland when there has not been any decision in the courts on whether theres any merrit to LG's claims of a patent infringement.

tehpees34291d ago

Seriously can someone PLEASE b1tch slap LG RIGHT NOW!!!

Orion4291d ago


The main port of Europe is Rotterdam. Maastricht is also an important cargo hub - at least, when the PS2 arrived for the first time in Europe, it went through that city.

Both cities are in the Netherlands. Now think about the problem again :)

morganfell4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

@Battleaxe. LG will come out the loser on this. They are only filing these suits because Sony filed in the US against them.

But in the EU, if you file a suit and lose the case, or the suit is thrown out without a trial then you have to pay all losses and legal bills for the other guy. This is going to end very poorly for LG.

On top of that this article was written by a third grader. "...there sites..." Really?

evrfighter4291d ago

well I guess it all depends on how legit LG's claim is.

Sony has nothing to worry to about if they didn't jack LG's tech.

However if they did. It's going to be a hilarious day at n4g.

I_find_it_funny4291d ago

LOL PS3's are shipped across Europe, there are problem in Holland only

nsnsmj4291d ago


From what I've been researching, the reason LG was able to get those PS3 shipments seized in there is because the law in that country doesn't necessarily require actual proof of infringement. LG only had to accuse or suspect or whatever, Sony of an infringement. That's how I understood what I read.

Also, having PS3's seized there does do some type of hurt to Sony. I believe the products are transported by boat to a port or something at that location. That location just so happens to be one of the quickest (if not the quickest), and the cheapest route from Asia to Europe for Sony. The fact that LG has it locked there for now, means that Sony has to possibly look for alternate routes and means of transportation--including by air, which would be a lot more expensive than by sea.

NukaCola4291d ago

Video Games is one of the only markets to make profit in this economy, other than Walmart, so why would anyone support an embargo.

TheLastGuardian4291d ago

LG is like the fat ugly girl in high school jealous of the popular girl. This is when the fat ugly girl tries to get revenge.

Bear_Grylls4291d ago

LG have done their dash right there. I own several high end LG products and I for one will never purchase another product with the LG label on it.


That's dodgy business tactics to the extreme.

deafwing4291d ago

LOL @ LG ... dont' they think they are just hurting their own image in all this

blackbeld4291d ago

This is ridiculous. I thought SONY was the creator of BLU-RAY. So how is this possible? Can someone explain this to me please?

AndrewRyan4291d ago

US government is worse then Holland's government so I do not see why a ban would not take place. 10 days it not bad at all, I am almost positive there will still be PS3's that can be bought within the 10 days shipments are banned.

pixelsword4291d ago

Well, from what I understand, Holland only got their way because they didn't have to prove infringement, BUT if Sony did infringe, they should pay, it's no different than Pirates taking games in that respect. I can't be mad as pirates for stealing and not mad at Sony for doing the same thing.

KaBaW4291d ago

Well, now, if you were to say the aliens were on their way to take the PS3s.

That, my good sir, would be gaming news!

HolyOrangeCows4291d ago

The 10 day ban in the EU is nothing. It's an IMPORT ban; all of the PS3s that retailers have can/are still being sold.

What kind of ban they might be able to set up in the US, I don't know.

It's pretty stupid that LG is suing Sony, the FOUNDER of Bluray, for using Bluray technology in a way that LG had patented. The Blu-ray Disc Association should kick LG out for trying to take ownership of Bluray tech.

Fireseed4291d ago Show
moparful994291d ago


From what I understand there is an alliance of companies, which includes both sony and lg, that are responsible for blu-ray.. Sony being the major owner of blu-ray. SO sony has every legal right to all things blu ray.. The only legs that lg would have to stand on is if lg back out of that partnership and sony continued to use lg technology and didnt pay lg any royalties.. But I highly doubt that happened.. I think that this is all just posteuring on lg's side to show that they can stand up to the big kid on the block.. But when they get [email protected] slapped back into oblivion they will realize they bit off more then they could chew....

ps3destroyer4291d ago

LG has proven herself a much more respectable electronics company than Sony face it.Everything LG makes pawns Sony like hell.I would list a huge number of Sony products that died on me and hundret of LG ones that rocked and never stopped working.

kane_13714291d ago



name only two of them please.
nothing has ever lasted longer than a Sony product for me, not even a SUMSUNG TV, and they are beasts in TV market.

Maybe you just don't know how to use something.

AGamerOfConsoles4291d ago

@ HolyOrangeCows

And Sony perhaps should have thought twice before using something in a patent they didn't have rights to.

deafwing4290d ago

actually LG should be going after Pioneer to (they worked with with big S on the development of blu ray in the early part of the last decade.

DevilishSix4290d ago

They have proven that multiple judges decisions that Obamacare is unconstitional doesn't matter, so why should a silly multibillion suit matter.

US is no longer government by the people and for the people. It is now a blotted out of control government that doesn't care on infringing on citizens liberty and private property rights.

Don't tell them were I live, cause I don't want those bastards to come get me.

Tex1174290d ago

"US government is worse then Holland's government so I do not see why a ban would not take place."

I've been reading N4G now for a few years. And that above comment might be the most idiotic assertion I have ever read on this site. And that is saying alot.

Care to justify that accusation with a detailed analysis...If you wanted to be accurate, a detalied analysis of Temporary Injunction law in the United States Federal Courts?

Rumbanana4290d ago


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BrutallyBlunt4291d ago

It means a battle is brewing and for the first time it's not on N4G.

PlayerX4291d ago

Lol N4G never ceases to cry tears for sony.

joeorc4291d ago

Sony was ne of the companies that contributed to the core technology of blu-ray along with other companies, an the laser claim in reading the Blu-ray disc's is just one claim from an optical drive company vs another , Sony also creates optical drives. hell they were one of the first to design the optical reading diodes inside the [email protected] blu-ray drives.

Just because both Sony an LG create optical drives does not mean one has outright infringed on the other's technology when an injunction first happen's that's what the court's are going to decide!

an if it is this will be quickly settled, an IT would be downright stupid for LG to refuse the settlement because that would be no money other than what's owed, Sony than would retool an use someone else's technology to licence, the fact that if there is an infringement many times the company does not know about it.

an many companies would not want to know about it because if they do an they know an do infringement anyway it's 3 times the damages!

So this is not something earth shattering this happen's all the time in the consumer electronic's industry, both LG an Sony will go about their merry way after this is over an still show up at the same trade show's an open up the bottle of bubbly an toast each other for job's well done!

bluwulf4291d ago

Americans think Holland = Europe.

White-Sharingan4291d ago

so you're saying it's not :( ? so now you're going to tell me Iraq does not equal middle east? or China =/= Asia, or USA =/= America ?

I keeeed, I keeed....

Blad3star4291d ago

That was the most retarted post I have ever seen.

winflasher04291d ago

wait retarted??? Irony my boy, irony.

TBM4291d ago

not this american lol.

Ducky4291d ago

... I think he wrote 'retarted' on purpose

Incipio4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

@ bluwulf

Non-Americans think all Americans = stupid

Because that's apparently the cool thing to do.

Buckfastman4291d ago

Holland is a tiny part of europe. Its like saying texas or florida or whichever state IS the USA. Its not, its just a part of it.

Belasco4290d ago

Um, not this American. Sorry but the blanket statements about us is getting a tad old.

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r1sh124291d ago

even though the ban is currently only in holland it stops/creates extra work for sony to get the ps3's to other european countries. The main warehouse where they get allocated from is in holland. They can technically be moved around to other countries but at extra costs.
By the look of things the US agency that deals with this is usually very slow, so nothing is likely to happen for a while.
We all have to wait and see about the US case

blahblah4291d ago

hopefully they'll lose this and also lose a lot of money (i can only wish). br media content is/was dead expensive for free content providers.

and in next firmware (all fanboys will again say it is ?not forced? just as it ?wasn't? for other os) there will be blu ray playing removal.

limewax4291d ago

yeah the removal of all game compatability sounds likely :/

If the brain aint ticking its probably best not to speak or type

blahblah4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )


blu ray playing has nothing to do with gaming;)

you could use some brain ticker enhancement your self to recognize sarcasm. and off course they won't do that as they are too much depending on movie side of revenue.

but, one can always hope. would be nice to see that people wanting otheros back are not the only ones screwed (again, last part is sarcastic)

badz1494291d ago

unlike OtherOS, it's among the top 3 priority in PS3 marketing;

1. Games
2. PSN
3. Bluray

but blahblah is kinda right. BD playing is not the same as game playing in the PS3. same like the Wii play DVD games but no DVD playback thing.

LG was not exactly in the BD group as they were always on the fence during the BD vs HDDVD era up to the point where they released the BD HDDVD combo player just to be safe but shortly after BD won. now that they are holding some pattern in BD playabilty, trying to halt the PS3 sales is kinda annoying! it's not like they are offering anything remotely close to the capabilities of the PS3 to begin with! they just want to mess thing up! if anything is ever to happen to the PS3 sue to this, I can see LG becoming a public enemy of many!

I am never a M$ or Ninty fan to begin with but I'm happy that they are in the market as competition brings great stuff to gamers! so no matter which console fan you are, this should not be something that you're looking for ward to! - same goes to piracy! no matter which console, it's still BAD!

Nathaniel_Drake4291d ago

You serious?!?!? Why are you even into gaming then?????

Wow some N4G commentators never cease to amaze me.

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-Alpha4291d ago

What the hell is this about? I'm lost...

B1663r4291d ago

LG has patents on a number of blu-ray data stream processing techniques. LG says that Sony is using those patented techniques in the PS3. A court in Holland has agreed that that LG's claim has at least some merit. They ordered their customs agents to seize all the ps3s coming into the country for 10 days.

LG has also filed a patent related lawsuit in the US. Since the one in Europe has at least some merit, this one probably has some merit as well.

Worst case scenario... LG is intractible, and the PS3 is effectively banned in Europe and North America.

Likely outcome is that Sony and LG agree to patent sharing, although that will probably come with a monitary settlement as well.

For you the gamer, it means there are likely to be PS3 shortages until Sony agrees to give LG a pile of cash, because the patent infringement wouldn't have gotten as far as it has unless there was a lot of mert to LG's case...

Patent infringement penalties are even harsher in the US than they are in Europe.

-Alpha4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

thanks. And damn, that sounds bad

BubbleSniper4291d ago

sony part of united states economy which

part of global economy also part of an industry that

more relevant now than it ever been

lee_ten4291d ago

...okay, i've come to the conclusion that there are really not so smart people in the world.

why the god, is this blog serious?!

saladthieves4291d ago

LG is going from being dickhead to SUPER dickhead

Seferoth754291d ago

You fanboys are so funny.

Like if someone broke into your house and stole your stuff you'd be an ass for habving them arrested. Fanboy logic is just pathetic these days.

saladthieves4291d ago

That's not why I said that. According to the latest deals that have been happening with the PS3, Sony could and will probably announce a price drop. I'm in need of a new PS3 and if LG is granted this motion forward, it could mean that I won't be able to get myself a PS3.

shooterexpert4291d ago

What does this mean for Sony ?

It means sony will be more careful before they sue another huge corporation in the future.

Sony bit off more then it could chew.

moparful994291d ago

Wow you're kidding right? First off sony is far larger then lg.. Secondly sony is the MAIN patent holder of blu-ray.. THis is just a "Mine is bigger then yours" standoff and lg knew it would be far easier to be granted any aknowledgement on a lawsuit in europe then in the us.. SOO when they got a decision in europe they became drunk with power and decided to go after the states as well... It's lg who has bitten off more then they can chew...

Thugbot1874291d ago

Sony can't catch a break.

Xfanboy4291d ago

this means xbox will have a price cut!!

xtremeimport4291d ago

it means sony is gonna have to pay a pretty penny. everyone has a price, and LG will get Sony to meet them where they want.

thorstein4291d ago

This is so fucking stupid. Are these officials really so stupid as they can't google: "LG and Microsoft" and see that the two are very tight and then realize that this is nothing more than a tactic made to prevent the competition from making money.

So, MS's official motto is: "Since we couldn't beat them, we'll stop them."

Arnon4290d ago

What's it like living in conspiracy land?

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DarkBlood4291d ago

lol whats next canada ? bwahahahahahahahahahahaha

saladthieves4291d ago

I hope not!! I am in a need of a new PS3 and I'm looking for good deals...LG should stay the frak away from Canada!

DarkBlood4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

agreed egidem id get another ps3 for my self but NGP stands in the way so its moved off to 2012 for now :P

they better not F0ck with our country