New Mortal Kombat Demo Gameplay

Here you can see some new footage taken by secretly during the GDC event in San Francisco where this footage is confirmed to be part of the DEMO that will be available next week and for surprise of all there is a new stage and a new fatality that nobody has seen, watch it! it is worth it.

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ajcastillo2973d ago

These videos are awesome and you will see a new fatality at the end of the second video!

LOGICWINS2972d ago

WOW...apparently Stryker can use his gun to juggle an opponent for a combo. Nice!

KingDustero2972d ago

The video shows MULTIPLE new fatalities, characters, stages, X-rays, and the Krypt.

Also this isn't some secret video from GDC. This video is in the demo hitting PSN Tuesday. These videos where shot at the MK truck tour by someone from MKO.

The video isn't secret or anything. Anyone who goes can see it. People who attend are just not supposed to record any footage.

Whoever wrote this article has NO clue what he/she is talking about.

ajcastillo2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Well i am so sorry for not being able to live at your expectations, thanks for the constructive criticism i will gadly accept it.

KingDustero2972d ago


I'm glad you understand. I just don't like it when info in articles are posted is incorrect.

Bubble for you.

richierich2973d ago

Cant wait to play the demo I subscribed to PSN Plus just to play it early

TXIDarkAvenger2972d ago

I really want to play the demo so freakin bad lol. This Mortal Kombat is awesome, adding on to a great list of fighters this year.

Blad3star2972d ago

I dont like how they all have the same fight stance.

INehalemEXI2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Yeah, at least it's finaly back to roots though.

Blad3star2972d ago

Is the demo out? How do you know that they went back to the old Mortal Kombat days.

If this game is anything like MK vs DC then its a no buy for me.


The only thing that was wrong with mk vs dc was the fatalities, but the game itself was good, and you are going to see a lot of the same mechanics used in Mk vs DC in this game. Same combo system, damage over time, some of the same moves, this one will just be bloodier.

CYCLEGAMER2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Look a little closer kid, they each have a different fighting stance. Since this video is a little blurry, check out the others on youtube.

ps3alldayeveryday2972d ago

Can't wait for the PSN Plus exclusive demo this Tuesday!!!