LittleBigPlanet user recreates Plants vs Zombies, Popcap probably mad

We’ve seen many crazy and downright wonderful creations from the LittleBigPlanet community over the years, from roller coasters to a thousand different remakes of Super Mario World 1-1. But have we ever gotten THIS close to a full recreation of an existing game? LittleBigPlanet user ‘Foggles’ has worked his magic to create Plants vs Zombots, a game where the user must place down different plants which fight off incoming enemies, serve as barricades and regenerate Sun spots which are essential for buying more plants. Sound familiar? You bet it does! It’ll sound even more familiar when you hear the in-game music, completely remade in LittleBigPlanet using the games Sequencer tool. Hit the jump for the video!

NukaCola4849d ago

LittleBigPlanet games don't replace the originals. They are tributes to them. I played PEGGLE on LBP2 and thought it was fun, so I bought the actual game. So Popcap can eat it, cause I have always looked at LBP-made games as a way to idolize, support, and advertise for other greats.

thereapersson4849d ago

Exactly. Nobody is going to forsake buying the real game just so they can play a remake tribute in Little Big Planet.

I thought the LBP Peggle video was awesome, but in no way would it ever come close to replacing the real thing. The fact that we can even come close to replicating other popular titles in this game is mindblowing, however.

blitz06234849d ago

I'd say they'd be proud someone took the time to honor their game

DORMIN4849d ago

I don't understand why PopCap would be mad?

If anyone has played both this level AND bought PvZ like myself, you would know that the LBP2 version is so good that it can pretty much be considered a demo.

This saves the dev money on promoting the game and having to pay for the demo bandwidth on PSN.

MaxXAttaxX4849d ago

But now I don't have to buy it again for the PS3 :P

ForceCSW4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

This is free advertising for PopCap, and they should be ecstatic! Here's the description for the level http://lbp.me/v/x252cr : Foggles is practically selling the game for them.

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kesvalk4849d ago

and it's not like the game is as complete and functional as the original one, it's like playing super mario X and compare it to a nintendo made mario game...

still, very good, very ingenious to be able to make such a replica on LBP...

deafwing4849d ago

the recreations are awesome renditions; if popcap gets mad they need to get over themselves

jack_burt0n4849d ago

I doubt popcap is anything but proud of the compliment because its a MASSIVE compliment when really talented ppl emulate something so well.

cannon88004848d ago

wow thats pretty impressive, and innovative I might add. *seriously*

cannon88004848d ago

why did i get a disagree you turd i was being serious!

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THC CELL4849d ago

Soon lbp will even recrate call of duty but better hahaha lol I pooped

macky3014849d ago

Damn,.. That is certainly impressive ,..

NaiNaiNai4849d ago

Its funny that this is okay.

But crack your own ps3 is illegal. XD

oh the hypocrisy.

thereapersson4849d ago

Are you purposely trying to make yourself look stupid, or are you just trolling poorly?

I don't care if this gets marked as "personal attack", or whatever. Someone has to say something.


Neo Nugget4849d ago


Because it's the same thing.

bluwulf4849d ago

U guys might forget, so I'll remind.

Step 1 in replying to NaiNai's comments: Is to not reply.

NaiNaiNai4849d ago

Bluwulf has it right, all your doing is feeding me


Rage_S904849d ago

step 2 is to report as spam

hellzsupernova4849d ago

@rage_S90 you made me laugh good job sir