Sony & Future US Announce PlayStation: The Official Magazine

Future US and Sony announced today that Future US would be publishing a new magazine called PlayStation: The Official Magazine. The new publication will have an initial circulation of 300,000 copies and will launch with a Holiday 2007 edition on sale in late November.

The magazine will be published on a frequency of 13 issues per year. The coverage in the magazine will be official news, previews and reviews for PlayStation enthusiasts and users. Rob Smith, former Editor-in-Chief of PlayStation Magazine will be the Editor-in-Chief for PlayStation: The Official Magazine.

Future US publishes some very popular special interest magazines in America including Maximum PC, Mac|Life, Guitar World, Nintendo Power and more. The new magazine will cover the PSP, PS3 and future PlayStation platforms.

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Venom_Blood4125d ago

a New subscriber for the 13 issues. I hope it comes with demos.

nasim4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

say no to moneyhats of MS like IGN,GAMESPOT and 1up affiliates

ArduousAndy4125d ago Show
gunnerforlife4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

shut ur mouth u piss of sh1t theres no reason to diss someones mum u peiece of crap.

EZCheez4125d ago

I don't see too much reason for demo discs though considering they can all be found on the PSN.

Of course, there are those people out in BFE who don't have high speed internet, so I guess they would benefit. I just always found that magazines with demo discs cost more.

SonySoldiers4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Good for Sony, now we have more ammo to shot down those overrated games on gaming sites made by cowboys technology.

ATLRoAcH4125d ago

If you are already subscribed to PSM because PSM is turning into the Official Playstation Magazine and yes there could be a demo with it read:

The news is out: Future US is publishing the all-new PlayStation: The Official Magazine as of the Holiday issue. What does that mean? It means that PSM, as you know it, transforms into the new magazine with that issue. Subscribers will receive the first issue of the new magazine without any interruption.

You’re going to see a complete redesign that I’m pretty sure you’ll like… new sections, new content, and improved quality top to bottom. And if you’re a newsstand buyer, look for something very, very special with the first issue — due on sale Nov 20th. RS

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Vip3r4125d ago

The UK mag has been like this for a while now. It's sure beats having separate mags for different consoles.

HeartlesskizZ4125d ago

Now that am here I guess Ill subscribe to this my self

ferrari3554125d ago

Is there going to be demos with the magazine like the uk one

WilliamRLBaker4125d ago

thats one of the reasons OPM went out of buisness because it was too costly to produce and offer demo discs for the ps3.

ArduousAndy4125d ago

the reason is that magazines are essentially a dying business. Just like newspapers why bother reading month (sometimes older depending on the mag) old stories when you can get it as it happens. Even know we are seen scans of reviews in magazines before the magazine hits the news stands. Thats the major reason why OPM, codes and tricks, and many others are gone. The next one is EGM.

WilliamRLBaker4125d ago

If magazines are a dieing buisness then why is OXM and PSM having no problems? why not gamepro?

codes and tricks died because it sucked, Tips and trick was a much better magazine, And if magazines are dieing why is sony and future making a new OPM?

Regardless this is the reason OPM (ziff davis) cited for shutting down, because demo discs just weren't feasable and demo discs we're one of the reasons they had so many subscribers.

As for that online doesn't get all that magazines get, On the point FIRST interviews with DEVs, among other things.

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