10 Best Indie Games That Money Can Buy

Gamersmint: Indie games prove that Developers are only limited by their creativity, and not the size of their wallet. Gamersmint brings you ten such memorial games that warrants a must play for those of you who have been glued to Call of Duty or Halo. For others, it demands another playthrough.

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psb2968d ago

most of the game included in the list and I got to say, I enjoyed each one of them. There are more games though, lots of indie games are absolute gems and are worth more than some full retail releases.

ATiElite2968d ago

I play Minecraft at work ALL DAY LONG!! with all the ppl on Facebook and Myspace keeping the Corporate Internet police busy I can get paid to game for 8 hours a day.

Amnesia The Dark Descent is scary and gives me the creeps, great game. Go get it, not to difficult but just the atmosphere makes the game creepy.

Gonna check out Beat Hazard. Didn't know Torchlite was an Indie cause Torchlite lite II is looking to be an awesome fill in for Diablo III. WTF is Super Meat boy! this can't be an Indie with as much exposure as this dam picture gets.

GamingForever2968d ago

I am currently playing SMB and although it's frustrating at time, I'm loving it.

Letros2968d ago

All great games, indie games rock!

Xfanboy2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

inded! minecraft & limbo took most of the awards @ gdc!!

@below steam is awsome!! And now has better security!

plb2968d ago

Currently working my way through both Amnesia and Braid. Both are on sale on Steam

Agent VX2968d ago

I just picked up Braid for $2.99 on steam, and Amnesia is $9.99.

I am really getting into Indie games, they are getting very good, they are cheap $$$ and fun to play.

TABSF2968d ago

Minecraft is really amazing.

Simple but pure genius.

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The story is too old to be commented.