Wii2 details leaked. A user interaction example.

Misterxmedia writes: "Today i spoke with my reliable source and knew new details about Wii2. Wii2 will have a mobile projector build in at wii-remote controller and kinect like 3d-camera. That means that we will be allowed to play games on any wall without TV in a room where wii2 is placed. And we still could play with wii mote on a TV.

Watсh a video below and see how we could play on any wall without a controller on this similar tech example.

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Shanks2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

"Wii2 will have mobile projector and kinect like 3d-camera"


arjman2971d ago

Why not? The Wii bought motion controls to the mainstream, a mobile projector and 3d camera is perfectly feasible

Dramscus2971d ago

a mobile projector isn't such a long shot. I mean there are cell phones with 720p projectors in them.

inveni02971d ago

There's no way. Unless, of course, Nintendo is trying to blow millions of dollars on R&D in order to cover how they help to fund all of Batman's new gadgets.

Wenis2971d ago

I don't think I have any available wall in my house to use this for... unless I move some furniture around...

NukaCola2971d ago

If you check out the Life Wall from Panasonic, it is really cool. Not saying this is a Wii thing or not, but I like the concept.

mikeslemonade2971d ago

I don't think Nintendo will put enough tech power in such a thing to make worthwhile. Graphically it's gonna be step back once again. I can see them making an accessory but not a full system based around it.

xer02971d ago

Look at the amount of cameras used in this demo.
Sorry but i'm calling BS. Besides - I don't have the wall space for anything like this.

Soldierone2971d ago

Good thing i wasnt the only one that saw how stupid this idea was. With cell phones its cool for specific reasons. But a console in your house? Not unless your absolute goal is to sell to 5 year olds....

Wii2 will be nothing more than another casual gaming console. It will have better motion controls, but thats about it. Nintendo found their pot of gold. Remember Gamecube when they actually tried to compete? They nearly became a Sega....

AWBrawler2967d ago

But Nintendo copying Microsoft is unlikely.

See how Kinect is dying in japan? now Nintendo being a Japanese company, does not want to launch something that will die in their home land

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NiKK_4192971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

But doesn't it need to be dark for a projector to work? So how would the camera work if it has to be dark to see the screen...a normal TV would be better imo

Btw, I know it's only an don't tell me

shadow27972971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Umm the video is outside in broad daylight. If it can work there, it can work pretty much anywhere. Assuming it's legit, of course. But if the video isn't legit, then the story is obviously false anyway.

It's a cool concept, but one I think would get old pretty quickly. Definitely not the type of games I buy consoles for. That and I have no spare walls.

bozebo2970d ago

"It's a cool concept, but one I think would get old pretty quickly. Definitely not the type of games I buy consoles for."

this is true, but hundreds of millions of people will - for some reason :/

djreplay2971d ago

I know Nintendo aren't daft enough to put a projector in there next console. I mean who hasn't got a tv?

killershadow1172971d ago

I agree, and if it was a projector then why didn't the dog get blocked by the people walking by or standing right in front of in like in the end.

interrergator2971d ago

@shanks that video is even as funny as wat wii 2 is gona do ROFL

Rumor2971d ago

how would his work?? is my question. the wii will see as a projecor AND a 3d sensor!?

i HAVE to see it to believe it

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Sneak-Out2971d ago

Who is this Video related to the Wii2?

Xwow20082971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

i remember a video shown in a Nintendo event showing holographic 3d image maybe thats what they want to do.

Edit: here is the link

limewax2971d ago

Nintendo, finding ways to blind you since 2011

bakaPX2971d ago

Nintendo has been trying to blind you ever since the Virtual Boy days.

bozebo2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

lol how did you manage to get a disagree for that comment :P

HappyGaming2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

@bozebo The guy who disagreed is partially blind because he played to much Virtual Boy in the late 90s and he thought he was clicking agree...

bakaPX2970d ago

Probably a fanboy or what Gumtrol said. They can't accept the truth.

INehalemEXI2971d ago

it's like an eye pet dealy huh.

Stealth20k2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

i have a source that says its made out of marshmellows, and halo will be a launch title. In addition the wii2 can act as a jetpack and help people fly

see i can make stuff up too, so why does this guy get an article and i dont?

Wizziokid2971d ago

I agree, just think of the N64, good times :)

mcstorm2971d ago

Loved the N64 downloaded the new N64 emulator for my galaxy tab today works really well n to have golden eye Mario 64 zelda n Mario kart 64 again is amazing.

Also think this is a load of poo I believe the next Nintendo console will have a kinect like cam with wii controller but not a projector this is daft n sounds made up to me.

kesvalk2971d ago

you forgot to say that wii2 can drive the kids to school and alert you of a zombie attack...

jwk942971d ago

None of that is plausible, it doesnt make sense. At the most, it'll be able to have ps3 and 360 graphics and grill a steak in under 10min, but thats only once devs optimize the console.

fossilfern2971d ago

Am i the only one who hopes the next Wii will just have a standard controller and no waggle shit ?

Ayer992971d ago

No. But you and the seven people that agreed on your comment are pretty much it.

HappyGaming2970d ago

Than it would be a Gamecube 2 not a Wii 2...

unless Wii 2 does the something Sony have been doing with motion controls (were the motion controls are there but they are not the main controller like Eye Toy and Move.)

hellzsupernova2971d ago

you always have the option to use the gamecube controllers on your wii

hellzsupernova2971d ago

@killer_pwned89 oh i did not know that. that does suck they should support both peripherals

shadow27972971d ago

Then it wouldn't be a Wii, would it?