Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D to include Master Quest edition

GamerZines writes: "3DS port The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is set to include the Master Quest version of the game on the cartridge."

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Wizziokid2973d ago

"Ocarina of Time's Master Quest Mode features revised dungeons designed to test the skills of the hardened Zelda fan."

awesome news, can't wait to play this!

Wizziokid2973d ago

your in 2003? shit I'm from 2011 you should see the future dude! we have flying cars and dipshits trollin about games.

Ryudo2973d ago


I have a favor to ask mind taking out a patent on the word Bing back in 2003.

If I never have to hear that fucking word again I will die a happy man.

Smacktard2973d ago

Oh man, I didn't know they had Master Quest with updated, 3DS graphics and a new control scheme in 2003! Where have I been?

Stealth20k2973d ago this has no added content huh?>


jwk942973d ago

Nice, two games for the price of one!

NukaCola2973d ago

Well the only real difference between the two is the Temples in MQ are more focused on the puzzles than tons of baddies, as opposed to the western version which is more kill kill than brain training. But this is still pretty cool. I love the interface they have set up with the 3DS version.

HOSe2973d ago

you guys are easily impressed/ intrigued thats for sure.

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