Battlefield 3: Game of the Year. Any objections? (Hooked Gamers)

After experimenting with the Bad Company spin-off series that came complete with a storyline and entirely destructible environments, DICE have combined everything they have learned into their latest effort. With such a pedigree of award-winning titles, the bar has been set pretty high for Battlefield 3, but DICE have promised a return to the pure action, no-nonsense gameplay fans know and love. The developers have confidently labelled Battlefield 3 “game of the year” already, and taking into account what they have produced before and what we've seen of the game so far, I’m inclined to agree with them.

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Shanks4595d ago

Probably FPS of the year, but not overall game of the year.
That title belongs to Uncharted 3.

anthraxCZ4595d ago

i have one objection: it is not out yet. this year we have too many good-looking games to pick one of them at the beginning of the year

so chill out, it is february

BiggCMan4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

Its March my man. But I agree with that, it is not out yet, and niether is Uncharted 3, or The Last Guardian, or any other game that looks very eligible. We can only assume these games will be amazing because thats what we want to happen. You have to understand that its very possible that something may be bad about a certain game. I thought Killzone 3 would be a 10/10 game, but the average storyline took away a point or so for me, but it is still a damn good game.

NukaCola4595d ago

I would say the Game of the Year nominies will be inFAMOUS 2, LA Noire, Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim.

I am sure Battlefield 3 has the potential to take Best FPS over KZ3, Crysis 2, Homefront, etc etc...But watch COD come out before the VGAs and everyone pick that because well, it's COD and in these sad days of gaming, apparently cant do any wrong.

Agent VX4595d ago

People yipping about GOTW already.... ROTFLOL!!!

It's only the beginning of March folks.... Anybody stomping their feet, clutching their fist and shouting "This Game is GOTY!!!" is nothing more than a goofy, silly fanboy.

Wait until at least Oct/Nov before you shout your little immature rants of "GOTY".

vsr4595d ago

Shooters doesn't deserve GOTY. May be FPS OTY.
This is an over excited reaction of editor!

DatNJDom814595d ago

Killzone 3 has a average story? Am I the only one here who thinks all you guys that say that are full of bs? I'm having a blast with the story. It's intense, gives u a sense of urgency, and the firefights are UNMATCHED. The Helghast don't fuck around in this game. Taking cover, flanking, teaming up, etc. I don't remember COD (except for the bridge stage when the Nazis are rushing and u must hold the bridge. Then they play that sad orchestral song. To me that was COD defining moment. It's just gone downhill after that), Battlefield, Halo, Crysis, even my beloved Resistance, etc. ever making me feel the way Killzone 3 has. Either you guys really never played it or don't know how to pay attention to a story. The emersion in that game is unmatched. Gorgeous graphics, realistic physics, incredible sound and soundtrack, great voice acting especially the Helghast. What ever you guys are smoking DON'T pass it this way.

Eyeco4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

You can't be serious ? EVERY SINGLE REVIEWER even the reviews that gave it a high score have criticized KZ3's story, thats one of the biggest complaints of the entire game.

I understand this game means allot to you, but to say that everyone is full of BS because they all share a common criticism of this game, says something about you not them.

KZ3 is a great game, but the reality is it's pretty damn far from GOTY material sorry to break it to you.

DatNJDom814595d ago

Not once did I mention it was game of the year material. my point is that the story isn't as bad as people say. especially the reviewers, since what they say is just an opinion. just like, surprise, my comment above. video game journalism this gen hasn't been too reliable so if ur coming with that please don't do it. as for the game meaning a lot to me, I didn't make it, but I'm really enjoying it more than any other fps out at the moment. Guerilla Games are the ones that should have any sentimental connection to the game.

evrfighter4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

Uncharted's novelty factor has worn off. It can no longer attain GoTY no matter how good it is.

People are now looking for the next big thing.

That's just the way it goes in this biz. If they had waited till next-gen before releasing another Uncharted it probably could have done it again.

OneSneakyMofo4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

"I object," says Nathan Drake.

Novelty factor? Uncharted 2? LOL. The game that has won the most awards EVER. I'm sure that was all a part of the novelty factor.

frostyhat1234594d ago

Flamebait! Any objections?

KaBaW4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

So, just because you love the story means everyone has to?
Or, means they are lying? You're ignorant. Get real, bro.
Story sure was good, but damn well ain't my favorite.

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LOGICWINS4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

@Shanks- First, an overall GOTY doesn't exist. EVERYONE has different tastes and preferences. So EVERYONE will have different GOTY.

Now, I understand that the majority of gaming journalists get together to determine what THEIR GOTY is(AIAS, Spike TV Video Game Awards etc.) In this case, I predict that GOTY would go to Battlefield 3. Why? Because its pushing more boundaries than any game I've seen this generation. DICE is messing around. Their playing to WIN this year.

"You've seen a few amazing trailers and say that's enough of a reason to name a game (which is not out) the game of the year already? Wow."

Ummm yeah...with the "amazing trailers" and DICE's track record, YES, you can make a good prediction that it can and will be GOTY in the eyes of journalists.

For example, knowing MY personal tastes, I already KNOW Mortal Kombat is my GOTY for 2011 without even having to play it :)

Perjoss4595d ago

people normally decide the overall GOTY by how many GOTY awards a title gets, like if a game gets GOTY awards from most of the sites / magazines / blogs then I think it's safe to say that it is GOTY.

Obviously individuals will disagree and thats ok, a huge pokemon or zelda fan will never accept any game as GOTY unless its a pokemon or zelda game :)

also, if 1 game gets GOTY from the 10 or so of the biggest sources for news / reviews, then I usually count that as overall GOTY.

Ryudo4595d ago


The only problem with that way of thinking is according to the internetz Grand Theft Auto 4 is the greatest game of all time.

It's best to simply listen to your own opinion, I can't tell you how many times I have been told something is awesome by tons of people only to hate it.

Spydiggity4595d ago

oh please. if UC gets another GOTY for churning out the same cliche stories, characters, settings, and action, imma puke.

GOTY will be Skyrim, Deus Ex, or Portal 2.

HeavenlySnipes4595d ago

UC games take place in different places, with different stories and of course the main characters are relevant in the story. What, are they supposed to vanish? lol

MysticStrummer4595d ago

Hate to break it to you, but the vast majority of games feature numerous cliched elements, including most GotY nominees. If you eliminate games containing overused concepts, you eliminate pretty much every contender and past GotY winner as well. OT - Yeah I object. It's only March, and how about we... I don't know... play the game first?

4595d ago
xTruthx4595d ago

Its march ... and already GOTY........


This is how people hype games higher than space on N4G.But when the game comes out and dose not get the score u want u all go crazy.

JsonHenry4595d ago

Whoa! Just because it is promising to be the new "Crysis" visually doesn't mean the gameplay stacks up. I'll wait to play it before I pass that kind of judgment. (although I am sure the gameplay will be awesome too)

metsgaming4595d ago

it will most likeley be the multiplatform GOTY for me, but Uncharted has a 99% chance of being my goty, they would really have to screw up for it not to be.

ATiElite4594d ago

Here we go with the GOTY awards even before the game is out. No alpha no beta no release date but BF3 has already won a couple GOTY awards.

It has the potential but so does about 10 other games. GOTY means ZERO now a days because so many of them are handed out like Halloween candy.

the industry need just one group to hand out the GOTY award for it to mean something other than that GOTY....which game?

hellzsupernova4594d ago

Hey battlefield 3
skyrim, uncharted 3, L A Noire, Mass Effect 3, The Last Guardian all want to have a wor dwith you

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Wizziokid4595d ago

it will be a contender but I will have to wait and see, so many good games out this year it's going to be hard to choose

+Uncharted 3
+Mass Effect 3
+inFamous 2

to name a few

Saint-Revlot4595d ago

I can't decide between Uncharted 3 and inFAMOUS 2.

user94220774595d ago

You've seen a few amazing trailers and say that's enough of a reason to name a game (which is not out) the game of the year already? Wow.

There's countless games coming out which have the same caliber of Battlefield 3 but let's wait till all the games have been released?

And people wonder why game journalists are just enthusiastic.