Just Cause: 5 new pics

Five more screens for this game to remember you that the release date is only one month away!

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Xtrm L1481L1TY5378d ago

These screens look horrible. It's last gen graphics with High Def slapped on it.

xboxlj5378d ago

They probably had to tone down on the graphics due to the games size. The area is supposed to be huge and includes arial vehicles.


ive never heard of it, is it free roam like GTA or something

OutLaw5378d ago

I heard people say that this game is going to be better than Saint's Row. But to me this game is no where near it. They should think about pushing this game back a few more months instead of releasing it next month. I'm not impressed by the graphics one bit.

SEER5377d ago

Graphics don't matter to me one bit. So if it's promising a land half the size of Jamaica with stunts like using grappling hooks to pull on a plane and kick them out, i'm all for this game.

Say's you5372d ago

And its not even close to fun and Xbox 360 fans think that all of the 360 games look good when clearly some of them do.