Americans Making A Japanese B-Movie Game Might Not Be Blasphemy

The next Earth Defense Force game, another in the line of giant bug-killing shoot 'em ups, is being made by an American team, not original developer Sandlot. Maybe it's the best thing to ever happen to Earth Defense Force...

isarai421d ago

Satisfying visual feedback, so many games have lost this principle and it's sad. Almost everything you do has an interesting and Satisfying reaction, making everything physics based is the key to that, watching everything fly, crumble, and react to your weapons, and slowly increasing you weapons capabilities to do so to an absurd degree, just keeps ramping up the satisfaction of how good it feels to play this game.

Nitrowolf2421d ago

Games are great, they may not be the greatest visually, but man do they really push the hardware they’re on cpu wise

RetroCaptainSteve421d ago

I'm a big fan of how you can blow buildings apart with no consequence. :D


The eight most apocalyptic video games

The Guardian: "Here then, are some of our favourite apocalyptic scenarios from gaming history, all of them reassuringly fanciful and completely unlikely. "

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Kurdishcurse2653d ago

pfffft...dark souls is more post-apocalyptic than all of these combined.


PlayStation Store Preview – June 4th, 2013: Forget About Me

This week’s highlight, is Capcom’s Remember Me. Aside from that the PlayStation Vita has more new content this week than the PS3, that is if you count Limbo as new content, since it’s already been released on the PS3. However, if you haven’t yet played Limbo, the PlayStation Vita will be the perfect way to do so thanks to how well monochromatic color schemes work so well on the Vita’s OLED screen. - PSLS

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ftwrthtx3915d ago

Remember Me sounds like a great game.

TrendyGamers3915d ago

Deus Ex will be taking up some space on my HDD tomorrow.

Wedge193915d ago

Pretty good week leading into E3!

RBlue_Desire3915d ago

Oh my, I will finally be getting Vanquish and LBP2 <3

Clover9043915d ago

What do you mean finally? Those games have already been free for ps+ members.

Looking forward to Deus Ex and Blazblue for the vita.

RBlue_Desire3915d ago

wait wut? I haven't logged in since ages, more like 2 months because Samsung still haven't reparied our TV.

:C oh.

TheFirstClassic3915d ago

I dont know about vanquish but lbp2 has been there a long time, I think it came over 6 months ago.

Ozmoses3915d ago

Deus Ex, Saints Row 3rd, Machinarium, Orcs Attack(vita) and Virtue's Last Reward(vita)

all on PS+ this month!!!!!

and The Last of Us hits on June 14th...

Awesome month/Awesome year

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