Jacksonville Review: 'Killzone 3' packed with intense action, but lacks strong storyline

Jacksonville: Sometimes the view is better from up close. "Killzone 3" offers a grunts-eye perspective of your average alternative-universe global conflict, the continuing story of a war between the Nazi-like Helghast and the Allied Forces of the ISA.

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Balt 2972d ago

Gotta love it -- Halo, junk story, tame on screen action in comparison and it's solid gold pretzles.

Average idiot reviewer "Does Halo have a story? It has one, but who wants to play that -- Online deathmatches is where we write our reviews from"

Average idiot reviewer "Is Killzone 3 not the best looking, most intense, most fluid and diverse FPS on the market, offering up everything the console gamer could ever want? Sure it does -- But the story man. It's story is just so weak. It's really the only thing we can fault it for, and since everything else in the game is a 10, the story has to bring the score down to about a 7.
P.S. We're not fanboys"

I hate this industry.

evrfighter2972d ago

step 1)
step 2) search anger management
step 3) ???
step 4) profit

NukaCola2972d ago

Story is weak, Everything else is perfect: 75%

^^^This is why I don't base my purchases off the opinions of idiots.

Oldsnake0072972d ago


everything else perfect ?

hell no

gaffyh2972d ago

The story is pretty good imo, a lot better than A LOT of games, and much better than Killzone 2. What are people expecting? Characters in KZ3 on the Helghast side are quite good (which is the main story focus).

TBM2972d ago

Im loving what I've played so far, and I think the story is pretty good myself. I wasn't expecting academy award winning stuff here just something to keep me interested.

KonohagakureFC2972d ago

I dunno what these reviewers are on about I actually quite liked the story, the Helghast leaders make great characters and I especially liked Stahl

callahan092972d ago

This is what I've been thinking all week. I though the cutscenes were all extremely entertaining, whether they were action-movie like scenes or the power struggles of the Helghast leaders, there was a lot of cool stuff to watch and some good voice acting from the Helghan leaders and I thought the actors who played Narville and Sev were also quite good.

beavis4play2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )


me too, guys! i really enjoyed the story. i loved the biplay between stahl and orlock.

i've also got this crazy notion that visari is STILL you guys think stahl got off that ship? and am i the only one whos wondering what they were doing with POW bodyparts in the stahl weapons facility?

Masterchef20072972d ago

I dont see reviewers putting down call of duty because of its horrible story line and broken multiplayer. Just shows how unfair reviewers can be.

nix2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

just finished KZ3 using Move. i think it's epic. the story may not be much to talk about but there are many wow moments. the chaos is so great. i wonder if i can pick up another war game which has as much as chaos going on in screen on console. great game. thank u GG.

Fil1012972d ago

I call bullshit killzone3 story was btr than most fps games FACT

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