New "Thrillville: Off the Rails" Demo on XBLM

Always wanted to build your own roller coaster? Well you have to know what you're doing or else people could DIE! That's why there's the fun virtual world of Thrillville. The demo, available today, is available in all regions on XBLM now. Read on for more info.

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G_CodeMonkey4130d ago

I hope the real game lets you spread out, as the demo has you sandwiched in a small area. Still, you can ride rides, create rides, and get about as involved as you want in the strategic management. User-created content would be sweet here, as you could share/buy coasters from others. My kids will be trying it when they get home from school later--hopefully it'll pique their interest more than Star Wars Battlefront on the PS2 (their current game of choice). gCM