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Hot PS3 Games: Any pretense of a relaxing experience akin to the original PixelJunk Shooter gets dispelled immediately at the beginning of the first level. Sure, the first game had its hectic moments, but PixelJunk Shooter 2 is less a sequel and more a series of levels extending logically from where the first game left off. Indeed, Shooter 2 even starts literally seconds after the end of Shooter 1: after defeating the giant mech deep inside the planet, you’re swallowed by a giant beast. The first level of Shooter 2 starts off inside the beast’s guts.

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dead_eye2972d ago

It's so much harder than the first one but god is it awesome.

spunnups2972d ago

The first one was for the most part easy, i'm glad to hear they upped the difficulty. I love everything about the PJ series.

dead_eye2972d ago

Yeah only the racer one I wasn't to keen on.

t0mmyb0y2972d ago

At times I feel they jumped the difficulty level a bit much from the first one, but really, I'm still going to 100% it :)

Tilian2972d ago

Playing it, dying a lot, but loving every minute.