The Story of how Pikachu Changed my Life

Hey guys I'm Tyuno The Great. I consider myself a huge fan of video games. But one of the main reason that I got into video was Pokemon. Pokemon was my first video game that I own. This is the story of how Pokemon influence me into becoming a fan of video games.

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Dart894891d ago

I remember beating my friends a$$ for restarting my pokemon yellow when i was at the pokemon league.

Any way pokemon yellow is awesome even if it's outdated graphics.

Spitfire_Riggz4891d ago

What I love about pokemon is the graphics dont matter one bit lol. Yellow is my favorite

RaymondM4891d ago

Yes, that game really brings a smile to my face

Klipz-Wish4891d ago

I think in my younger years these Pokemon games helped better my reading skills.

Baka-akaB4891d ago

well certainly more than the crysis nanosuit token guy , among other examples

kesvalk4891d ago

he thinks it's too kiddy for a matured kid like him.

if pokemon had guts flying everywhere, it would be aceptable, but cuddly yellow eletric mouses, are not for a mature audience...


rezzah4891d ago

thats cool, a year older than me too =p

I still remember the huge impact it had on school when it came out.Everyone had pokemon cards. Its was the hugest thing ever.

Too bad no one will experience something like that again.

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Japan: Nintendo gacha key-rings available in their stores

Japan is the home of Nintendo’s main headquarters. Because of this, the country tends to get a lot more merchandising and goodies for Nintendo fans compared to the rest of the world.

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Super Rare Gold NES Cartridge Up for $10k at Auction

A super-rare gold NES cartridge, of which only thirteen apparently exist in the world, is being put up for auction later today for a whopping price.

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Rebel_Scum2d ago

Its missing the triangle label. Its not a complete game!


LG_Fox_Brazil2d ago

The holy grail of gaming collections

VIK21211d 21h ago

Is it really that rare? I used to have that for years, I ended up trashing it because I coudn't be bothered to sell it lol


Random: Hideo Kojima Highlights The 21st Anniversary Of 'Boktai' On GBA

No sunlight that day, apparently.

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OtterX8d ago

They should release it on NSO's GBA lineup. The Switch has a light sensor afterall! (Switch Lite owners would be out of luck though)

Chocoburger7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I don't think games would be able to 'hook into' the light sensor for automatic screen brightness.
The best way to play the game is with the fan patch that lets you adjust the amount of light the game is receiving at will. Make sure not to play at max sunlight for too long, or the game will punish you, keep the sunlight meter lowered in order to keep playing longer.