GDC 2011 - Cliff Bleszinski: Only 1-2% of New IPs Actually Sell Over 1 Million Units

Cliff Bleszinski, Epic’s Design Director, told the packed hall at his GDC talk yesterday that only 1-2% of new IPs in this console generation actually sell over a million units.

“Most IPs fail. I think a stat that a friend told me from one of our publishing partners the other day was that only 1-2% of new IPs only sold over a million [units] in this console generation.”

How can developers move with the time then and nurture these new IPs? Simple. Plan for the future and harness the power of the community!

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aviator1892971d ago

Yep, the community can be a powerful factor in the success of games.

I just wish all developers would listen.

-Superman-2971d ago

Heavy Rain - 2 million
LittleBigPlanet - 4.28 million
Resistance: Fall of Man - almost 4 million
Uncharted 2 - 4.5 million(first game 3.5 million)
Infamous - 1.89 million

Nah...When you look multiplatform games like:
Mirror Edge - 2 million
Dead Space - 2.7 million

Kran2971d ago

You could have atleast added Halo CE on that list.

r1sh122971d ago

With the number of games released in a year that 1-2% seems right.
Per year there are a massive number of games coming out, but many are overshadowed by the big AAA or COD's etc....

nilamo2971d ago

Where did you get these numbers from?

hellzsupernova2971d ago

@kran its new IPs this generation hes talking about i nthe article. so halo ce doesnt fit. what would fit would be mass effect 1 or gears of war 1

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Dart892971d ago

*Yep, the community can be a powerful factor in the success of games.

You have a point there but the community is also bad many people would try to turn every fps into a cod clone and i know most people don't want that.

disturbing_flame2971d ago

And how much new IPs of this generation sell much than "new Ips" of older generations ?

How much new IPs on older generation just passed the million mark ?

Do you know cliffy ?
i am interested.

Vaud-Villian2971d ago

He's quoting his publishing partners, not coming up with this information himself

disturbing_flame2971d ago

Yes but now we know he's reading N4G.
he's a part of the family we can nearly chat with him. ;)

smashman982971d ago

doesn't sound right at all

that would mean if there were 10 brand spanking new ip's one 1 or 2 of them would sell over a mil im sorry cliffy as awesome as u are that is flat wrong

maybe if u had said ip's dont sell ass well as established franchises or etc but for the most part any game with a decent backing will sell well enough to break a mil

Odion2971d ago

I don't know, most of Sega's new IP's didn't sell anywhere close to a million, not to mention for every Heavy Rain, there is a Mod Nations racer.

Slimshadyn2971d ago

Just because a game doesn't sell a million copies doesn't mean its not a success. Heavy rain was expected to sell between 200,000 and 300,000 so if it would have only sold 750,000 wouldn't that be a success? Modnation racer has sold around 750,000 in less than a year. It's not a million but its no failure.

Muitnorts2971d ago

No... It doesn't mean that at all. It means if there are one hundred new IP's one or two will sell over a million.

Max Power2971d ago

Poor Smash, failing at math, good thing Muit was there to pick up your mistake.

smashman982971d ago

lol u guys burned me but it wasn't a math error it was a typo

but yea thts what im saying for every 100 ip's i mean cmon now

Pekka2971d ago

@smashman: It really is that low number or somewhere close that number. There are thousands of games (yes, every week dozens of games are released) released every year so even 1-2% means dozens of games goes over 1 million. But for most games even 100k is considered a success. Only few games need anything near 1 million to be considered a success.

darkdoom30002971d ago

Im going to assume hes counting downloadable games too. That number seems way too low for disk only games.

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soren2971d ago

more like if its not a shooter it wont sell

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