First Look: Need for Speed: Carbon

Need for Speed: Carbon is yet another game to add to the ever popular Need for Speed series. The game itself was first shown at E3 in a small six second clip where all you really saw was some headlight and the new Carbon logo, then slowly EA released more and more info then came the screenshots and so we come to 360Monsters NFS: Carbon First Look.

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T-Rac5370d ago

I must admit I got Most Wanted on release and thought it was terrible and sold it. Few months later I somehow got another copy and completed the game and realised it was pretty damn awesome.

Shame the whole game (the new game Carbon that is) seems to be in the dead of the night woulda been good to see some light.

PS360PCROCKS5370d ago

I doubt it's all night and I LOVE NFS games their always fun, always original and never get old

The_Firestarter5370d ago

...did they say the game would be played through night races only? If so that wouldn't bother me too much because weren't NFS Underground 1 and 2 played in the night? A few times I remembered it was during dusk, but most of the time it was night. Ya know, for the whole illegal street racing feel with all the neon lights illuminating the pavement.