Japanese video game market grows 21.7 percent between March and Sept.

Magazine publisher Enterbrain reported that the value of the computer game market in Japan, at 292.8 billion yen (2.54 billion US dollars or 1.79 billion euros,) was 21.7 percent higher in the fiscal first half between March 26 and September 23 than a year before, largely because of the success of Nintendo DS. Sales of Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP3 also helped the market expand.

The hardware market expanded by 33.5 percent to 138.3 billion yen (1.20 billion US dollars or 846.32 million euros) and the software market increased by 12.8 percent to 154.5 billion yen (1.34 billion US dollars or 945.45 million euros.)

Read the full story for the sale figures for DS, DS Lite, PSP, and top selling Wii and DS software.

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