The vilest enemy races of all time

The good, the bad and the ugly ... minus the good

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Iroquois_Pliskin2967d ago

The Chimera are really creepy lol i remember when i first boot it up on my ps3 aahh resistance....

INehalemEXI2967d ago

That's where I seen it , I thought it looked familiar.

Bear_Grylls2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I know it's lame but the Orcs in LOTR are pretty sick how they get born all shitty and covered in mud like that.

Resident evil 1/2/3 Zombies take the cake for me though. I used to love the chick zombie in short shorts with her rib sticking out. Oh the good old days.

Relientk772967d ago

Every single one listed are extremely creepy and if I saw any of them I'd run

blackburn52967d ago

Defenately Chimera. They look even uglier when you zoom in on them once their dead. And the Menials grabbing you made my heart race.

CanadianTurtle2967d ago

The chimera are the best enemies is any fiction history. I mean the ones from the Resistance games.

Locust from gears are cool too.

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