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VideoGameWriters: While other sites are simply content with phoning in their reviews of T:SoZO, we here at VGW hold a different policy. It’s ironic how a game like Madden can get yearly praise despite the fact that bugs from past iterations never get fixed, and yet the Dynasty/Samurai/Orochi games from Tecmo-Koei are lambasted year after year. Review sites claim they look out for the interest of the consumer, but I personally hold a different view of games. These are not creative works that are meant to be consumed like some barbecue brisket from a buffet, they are supposed to be mulled over and contemplated like a finely brewed beverage.

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jack_burt0n2783d ago

Wow a fifty hour review, am impressed kudos best thing on n4g in ages.

CaptainGreece2783d ago

Well written review kudos.

Infernostew2783d ago

Finally, someone writing a review for people who would interested in this type of game instead of the casual or CoD/madden gamer. Kudos.

NeoBasch2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Wow, uncanny! I know the writer of this review. Job well done, Daniel. I wish more journalists took this attitude and approach to reviewing video games.

By the way, Final Fantasy XIII kicks @$$. I don't care if everyone disagrees with me, but after the first ten hours or so, I honestly couldn't ask for a better game. The story was simply exquisite. Along with God of War III, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, and Bayonetta, FFXIII ranks among the best titles of 2010. Easily one of my favorite Final Fantasy games (VIII and X being the others).

I'll definitely be checking this game out.

BShea2783d ago

Daniel's an absolutely amazing writer. He put his all into this review and the fact that he played such a long game to completion before reviewing it is such a rare feat in today's journalism industry of "play the first three levels and write it up"

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