Your new Porsche: a PS3 and this steering wheel

It's one of less-creative headlines and the picture sucks, sure, but it gets the point across. Fanatec has released a very accurate ( assume) racing peripheral for all your gaming needs, especially if you like to game in luxury. get right to the features, some of which are cool and practical, others are cool and not as practical.

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Lumbo4036d ago

$350 .. ouch

But then its handstitched leather, a lifelike Porsche wheel, wireless.
Bit much for my taste, but still some people like such gadgets

mighty_douche4036d ago

still when you've finished with the game you could rip the steering wheel off and shove it in your car =).

nekon4036d ago

I'll keep my G25 for now, but this is nice.. I for one hope for a new wheel from Logitech ala GT5 eventually.. but competition is always welcome.

BaMYouRDeaD4036d ago

I was going to get this in time for GT5, but then I saw the price and backed away. Oh well, I guess I'll just settle for a Logitech.

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