GameInformer: 10 Things You Should Know About Dragon Age II

GI: We are less than a week away from the release of Dragon Age II, and RPG fans are salivating at the thought of getting their hands on BioWare’s latest adventure. You’ll have to wait until the game’s March 8 release to play it for yourself, but having beaten the game, I can give you a heads-up on a few things you should know before you dive into the Dragon Age universe again.

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Myst2970d ago

"I finished Dragon Age II, along with every sidequest, in approximately 40 hours."

This is quite saddening judging from the amount of time one could put into Origins but yet, still a day one for me. I really liked the demo so...

LightofDarkness2970d ago

40 hours is pretty much a perfect length for me, as far as RPGs go.

plb2970d ago

Really? I think around 60hrs is ideal.

Agent VX2970d ago

I much prefer RPG's to have close to or over 100hrs, that's combined with main quest and side quests.

This way anyone that just wants to finish the game in 40 hours, can just focus on the main quest, and people like me can play this game for 100+ hours with side quests.

Kills 2 birds with one stone, everyone wins.

Silentmerc3nary2969d ago

I am absolutely fine with 40 hours for Dragon Age II. I personally thought Origins was a tad long. Could have done with out all that backtracking in Brecillian Forest and Orzamaar.

Can't wait!!

KaBaW2969d ago

40 hours is still a wonderful time length for most games today..
Not to mention, the game I'm sure will offer plenty of re-playability.

I played Mass Effect 2 at least 3 times, through..
I played Dragon Age Origins 2 times, through..
I'm sure to play Dragon Age 2 at least 2 times, as well.

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schlanz2969d ago

I played dao to death and it took less than 40 hours so I don't understand the fuss. This game will be plenty long.

WildArmed2969d ago

It took me around 37 hours to beat DA:O completely (top to bottom) and have done so many times and ended up w/ the same time.
So 40 hours of game for DA2 is great.
Thou replaybility isn't as high as in DA:O (since the origin stories of the grey wardens differed quite alot between playthroughs.

Only thing that stung in the list was limiting ally customizations.
But, other than that.
DA2 still looks great!

plb2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

When does the review embargo lift anyway? It always makes me think there is something to hide when no reviews are shown this close to release.

goku323592970d ago

I think the embargo lifts on Tuesday. PC gamer reviewed it and gave it their editors choice, it got a 94/100

Agent VX2970d ago

Only "One" thing you need to know about dragon age 2...

They dumbed it down for the consoles, Bioware, shame... shame... shame...

gamingisnotacrime2970d ago

going the ME2 route, not a bad thing at all

midgard2272970d ago

i do know that the gameplay/animations are some of the worst i've seen in a long time. if it was smooth like fable or demon's souls we would have something great because the story and rpg elements r great. but bad gameplay for me makes for bad game

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The story is too old to be commented.