Hype surrounding the Gaming Industry

How does the hype machine work in favour and against the industry in numerous ways, this article helps divulge into the never ending circle created by a bunch of exclusive games

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Saint Sony4038d ago

Hype kills so many good games today.
Only big names and over hyped titles sells. Smaller less known games that deserve the attention are left into shadow of the big names even if the big names often fail.

Overhype gives the game bad name as well.
Hype is no good in any form.

People should try the games by themselves instead of relying too much to reviews and hype surrounding the games.

Rooftrellen4038d ago

It's really amazing what hype can do, but it normally only has a short term effect on the game/console it surrounds. Look at the PS3, for instance. There was a lot of hype before the release, a rush to get them, and a quick fizzle on sales.

One thing that really gets me with hype is how it can make gamers look bad. I would love to see games become as mainstream as movies or TV, but so much hype for some games pushes that thought away. All the hype for Halo 3 made gamers look obsessive, like people who don't want to or can't function as part of the normal world. I saw, and still see, more advertising for Halo than every movie put together! That much hype makes the whole industry look bad.

A little hype, however, is a good thing. Hype around Bioshock or MP3, for instance, was not excessive, but it pushed the games, and hopefully sold a few copies to new gamers who were interested by the hype and made the jump.

A little hype is a good thing. Too much hype hurts the industry as a whole. Too little hype hurts the industry too, hiding it from anyone not hardcore enough to look for the games and consoles.