DOAX Gets Tan Line Technology

Team Ninja's virtual hotties are getting closer to the real thing with every update. While we already knew about the realistic clothing and bounce physics going into Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, the latest issue of Famitsu is home to a new revelation: tan lines.

IGN went in and investigated this new feature....

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xboxlj5382d ago

I am curious if any adults actually play this game.

T-Rac5382d ago

I think you'll find the answer to that is no

bung tickler5381d ago

this should do nicely to bring in that much saught after jap support...

SEER5381d ago

If any one plays this filth, tell me and i will send my really good doctor round to help you out lol

T-Rac5381d ago

and ill send mine round to with a rather large sledge hammer!

starbug one5381d ago

I liked the first game. It was quite fun. It's akin to playing the Sims or something like that. The game was interesting in that you could just use your 2 weeks relaxing on the beach. But, I like playing female characters on Oblivion and some people think that's weird too. The first DOABV was a great seller on xbox and I got about $25 back fron EB when I traded it in this year. That was the highest return I got from all my xbox games. I still think the hair going through their bodies should be addressed b4 getting into tan lines.
I guess it's stylized but it looks weird.

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