EMEAA Weekly Chart < Week Ending 26th Feb 2011 >

The week's top-selling games ranked by unit sales

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Shadow Flare2969d ago

That's pretty interesting sales for the, ....oh wait it's VGChartz.

Never mind.


It's the weekly spoon of lie, just what the doctor ordered for delusional fanboys.

It's funny that VGChartz have 360 ahead of PS3 in every week but Sony actually sell more consoles than MS ships every year since 2007 according to the official reports. How long 'till this site is proved to be bullshit and get banned from here?

Masterchef20072969d ago

Yep VG you sure do a good job with sales lol

DXM12969d ago

same old tired vgcharts. Sigh.

Belasco2969d ago

And with it the same old tired comments. Sigh.