TGS07: Interview with Loco Roco's Tsutomu Kouno

Joystiq had the opportunity to catch up with the father of Loco Roco, Tsutomu Kouno, and ask him a few questions about his newly released sequel, Loco Roco Cocoreccho. The interview was conducted along with Spencer Yip from Siliconera. Joystiq ask him what his inspirations were, why he decided to develop an "interactive screensaver" and whether there will be any downloadable content in the future.

Joystiq: Is there any word on Loco Roco 2 for PSP?

Tsutomu Kouno: Hmmm. Can I say anything? I don't know. All I can really say is that in the future "the Loco Rocos will be even more amazing". I have a lot of ideas that I really can't talk about.

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