Conserving Batteries in a Wii Wireless Sensor Bar

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Do you have an unnecessarily wireless item such as a sensor bar for the Wii draining batteries on you, thereby harming the environment and your wallet in the process? Can you not keep up with the rechargables? Ryan Johnson of GoozerNation shows you how to hook a wireless sensor bar up to a wall outlet (that it's by already) to save you batteries and money.

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xskipperx822969d ago

Doesn't this defeat the purpose of having a WIRELESS sensor?

RyanDJ2969d ago

No, the wireless is to get distance from the Wii. The batteries drained fast, and it is close to an outlet. Therefore, the distance is still there, since it doesn't need to be connected to the Wii.

Kakkoii2969d ago

But.. the Wii sensor bar cord is like 18 feet long or something, (haven't measured it.)

hazelamy2969d ago

yeah the wire for the standard sensor bar is ridiculously long, i don't know if you could even get a video cable for the wii that would let you have the console far enough away from the tv so that the wire for the sensor bar doesn't reach.

RyanDJ2968d ago

In a setup like mine, you have the Wii next to the player, and the TV across the room. We have a cord long enough to run the video, and have the audio through the music system near the user. Even if the cord is 18 feet long, it can't run around the edge of the room, and would have to hang midair to be anywhere near the TV.

christheredhead2969d ago

learn how to wire up your wireless sensor bar with this article

ElementX2969d ago

I heard you can just use 2 candles.

RyanDJ2968d ago

I actually tried that. It semi-worked. Not near reliable enough. I've heard of people using tech like I describe in the article to get bundles of LEDs working and play Wii with appropriate size-relation waggle on a theater screen!

djcitizend2968d ago

I've had all sorts of problems with my wireless wii sensor bar. Granted, I now use my wii about as often as Charlie Sheen attends AA meetings.

kube002968d ago

Candles? To duplicate the light?

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