Judge Allows Sony to Unmask Anybody Who Visited GeoHot Site

A federal magistrate is granting Sony the right to acquire the internet IP addresses of anybody who has visited PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz’ website from January of 2009 to the present.
Also included in the subpoena is the request from all traffic from George Hotz' twitter account as well as data from Youtube and Google.

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Kamikaze1354292d ago

Ouch, glad I never visited the site.

Focker4204292d ago

Wow!! Same here, not like I've done anything wrong though.

limewax4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

Kind of stupid really, I thought GeoHots site consisted mostly of Iphone jailbreaks, not really going to help sony much surely?

Edit: I see that he apparently also hosted the PS3 jailbreak, Maybe the article meant the people who downloaded that specifically. Since you know, Sony dont own Apple

Also what if anybody anti-piracy went on the site to get his e-mail and hatemail him? Theres always bound to be a few

badz1494292d ago

"Sony doesn't have a case". so far, Geodouche is being raped hard!

darkdoom30004292d ago

Take off your tinfol hats boys.

It only allows sony's lawyers to geolocate where the views are comming from,
they want to prove that there were enough viewrs from califonia so they can do the court hearing from there.

Sony cant do anything else with the information.

Red_Phoenix4292d ago

@darkdoom 3000

"The subpoena demands data to identify who watched the video and “documents reproducing all records or usernames and IP addresses that have posted or published comments in response to the video.”

"A fourth subpoena is directed at Twitter, demanding the disclosure of all of Hotz’s tweets, and “documents sufficient to identify all names, addresses, and telephone numbers associated with the Twitter account.”

"Sony has threatened to sue anybody who posts the hacking tools or the encryption key. It is seeking unspecified damages from Hotz."

Says it all right there, anyone who even thought of doing anything illegal to their ps3 will be screwed.

Etseix4292d ago

i visited the site when an article sayd he was accepting $$$$ to fight sony, but just because the link was directly to the main menu of that site...

jadenkorri4292d ago

i went to it, but my ps3 ain't modded, if they ban people for going to a website, oh man, I'd be quickly filing a lawsuit. Be the quickest kick in the ass for sony ever. My demands, every ps3/ps4/etc game sent to me free for the rest of my life lolz.

phinch4292d ago

Theres some right idiots on here who think sony are going to ban there ps3 for looking at the site................. are you people really that stupid?

Vaud-Villian4292d ago

Invasion of privacy much? I hope Sony loses.

radphil4292d ago

"Invasion of privacy much? I hope Sony loses."

Despite all the comments earlier that explained this, and you STILL stated this....I....wha....huh....

conswella4292d ago

If everyone would just start pirating then none of this would be the issue it is.

MysticStrummer4292d ago

Yeah radphil... the mind boggles sometimes at the legal minds we have here on this site. It's a privilege to be here, really.

captain-obvious4292d ago

sony is running after those hackers like a mad dog
damn ...

rockleex4292d ago

Sony only needs that information so that if you choose to contribute to PS3 hacking, then they'll already have data on you.

If not then you should be fine.

Its like getting the fingerprints of civilians so that whenever someone commits a crime, police and FBI can use fingerprints to trace back to the criminal.

a_bro4292d ago

"Invasion of privacy much? I hope Sony loses"

as if companies like google doesnt do the same when you visit their site...

Mahr4292d ago

Thank goodness for proxy sites.

jadenkorri4292d ago

@ phinch

hopefully people clearly saw i was joking or it would be sad.

sikbeta4292d ago

Screw them all Sony, NO MERCY XD I even more against hacking now that I know those d-bags can get all trophies without playing the games, that's so freaking LAME!

Vherostar4292d ago

Using the info they will find everybody who has a modded PS3 and ban them for LIFE. Even those who didnt actually download it.. Pretty harsh but why else would you visit his site except for piracy?? Dont you dare say homebrew as your just lying to yourself.

nveenio4292d ago

They're not going to charge more people, they're just going to prove that he distributed what he's accused of distributing.

DragonKnight4292d ago

Yeah, this is EXACTLY like the iPhone case eh hacker supporters? Sony doesn't stand a chance right? Lol.

On topic: This isn't really much to worry about. Looking at IP's isn't going to be a big deal unless those IP's use the code. Donations aren't illegal, though why you'd donate to this loser is beyond comprehension. You only have to worry if you used the code. And Geohot would have to worry too since it could then be argued that he "sold" the code by keeping it on his site and accepting donations. Even if he tries to say that the donations are for legal fees, keeping the code on his page doesn't help him.

zag4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

Some people here think it's to ban people's PSN accounts.

It won't be for that, it'd be done to reduce the support for geohot overall as Sony can then trace back to people's IP addresses via PSN accounts and other ways like credit cards that have been added to PSN accounts.

So if you grabbed at any of his stuff and get sued they'll turn around and blame goehot for Sony suing them because if he hadn't released this info they wouldn't be sued by Sony.

The other reason to grab all the info is to trace the people who are always trying to host these files all the time.

Sony is doing geohot a favour by having the files removed from the net as geohot has a court order to remove ALL traces of these files hacks etc from the net himself otherwise he'll fail the court order and could face a big fine or jail time or both.

He could be facing a few billion dollars in fines seeing as it costed Sony over 100 billion just to buy the Cell factory you'll need to add up all the R&D costs plus the production costs then add up all the piracy costs and what other costs there have been to make the PS3 happen.

Geohot is just a kid he doesn't have any idea what he actually faces in terms of fines and jail time and he'll end up in jail for sure.

Him asking for money is him asking people to pay him to hack the PS3 so they can pirate games on it.

He's screwed as Sony are going to throw him in the toilet and stuff him down the sewer pipe.

This will be far worse than that mother that got sued by RIAA and ended up with a 300 million dollar fine.

his life will be forever screwed after this court case he'll never have a job at a tech company again nor a proper job as he'll have a criminal record after this with fraud etc cases all over it.

Then Apple might come knocking on the door after Sony has gone through him.

Graf_choko is in the same boat, idiots thinking they can do what ever they like all the while the law says nope can't do that it always catches up to people one day.

And the real sad part is it's all over not being able to install a fucking OS on a GAME console, like anyone really gives a fuck about having Linux on a fucking GAME console.

Dee_914291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

what .. who .. why in the helll ... would people think sony could sue them just for visiting a site ... cmom people ..

Mahr4291d ago

"geohot has a court order to remove ALL traces of these files hacks etc from the net"

No, he does not. That decision was reversed, which is not surprising because it was completely insane.

From the judge: “It’s information. It can’t be retrieved. It’s just not practical... What would they do, Xerox it and mail it back? This kind of got away from me and I apologize for that.”

"like anyone really gives a **** about having Linux on a fucking GAME console"

There are people who care enough about Linux that they have found ways to install it in their refrigerators. But multi-media devices are beyond the pail?

"his life will be forever screwed after this court case he'll never have... a proper job as he'll have a criminal record after this with fraud etc cases all over it"

Strange thing to say in the comments section of a Wired article, considering Dark Dante is their senior editor.

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psman0124292d ago

This is extremely stupid. What about those people just reading his website, learning why he hacked consoles, or as others said, looking for iPhone hacks?? This is so stupid... I can't remember if I ever visited it or not...

piroh4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

they don't want the IPs, they want squeeze this George as hard as they can. people won't donate him forever, his band (hackers) won't pay for him whereas they even wouldn't pay for a games

Dante1124292d ago

Yeah, I think they are just trying to track down the other hacker involved. Already caught two so far.

radphil4292d ago

You guys do realize they're going after those that actually downloaded the files and keys right? At that standard you breached THEIR privacy.

psman0124292d ago


Thank you for clarifying, the article made it seem like they were fining the people that just visited the site. Thank you.

radphil4292d ago


Yea, i mean it would be completely far-fetched to attack those that even glimpsed at the thing. For them to even sue people to that caliber, would have some serious consequences for them.

yoshiroaka4292d ago

Woah, it always warms the heart to see a guy make a comment on n4g, another guy corrects it and then the original poster thanks him (genuinely). Such a rare thing to see resonable ppl open to criticism and correction on n4g.

Its always 'the sky is purple' 'no dude its blue' 'NO ITS PURPLE YOU RAWWWWWWWWWWW*^&%&$$%# $'

Lol, kudos!

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lazysey4292d ago

what the fuck someone take down this article now! I don't want to be ip logged/tracked by sony! N4G is next!

gamingdroid4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

This is turning into a serious freedom of speech issue. You can NOT now look up information without Sony (or any other company for that matter) can invade your privacy to exercise your freedom to view freely available information.

I hope Sony looses and a huge customer backlash ensues that you can't rough your customers (or non-customers that just are curious)!

PS3n3604292d ago

gamingdroid. I agree this is a serious invasion of our human rights. I am anti piracy myself but this is a slap in the face. I visited his site as well when all the articles came out just to see for myself what was going on strictly to form my own opinion on Geohot and the case in general. Up untill now I was siding with Sony. I for one am outraged that a judge gave Sony the kind of power only enjoyed by tyrants, dictators and terrorists. All I can say is F$#% you Sony. Keep it up and I will never buy another Sony product again. And all you people cheering this move on, kiss your freedom goodbye sounds like you don't want it anyway. I suggest you read "1984" to see where this will lead.

lazysey4292d ago

We are not so different than Egypt. We don't learn from our mistakes, we live them.

MysticStrummer4292d ago

Freedom of speech...? Invasion of human rights...? LOL No.

zag4292d ago

freedom of speech is a US law not a world law.

The Failoverflow aren't in the US so they can be tracked and be screwed over.

Yet it's more about getting people to start lynching geohot, it could also be Apple wanting in on the action too.

Don't forget Apple can screw geohot just as much as he just released a hack for the iphone 4.1 or 4.2 iOS in the last few days.

Not very smart for this geohot guy.

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farhad2k84292d ago

All the Hackers will be targeted now, thank GOD!
Hope they get IP banned from all future PlayStations also!
They deserve it!!

How would they like it if they created a new games console and Sony hacked it? I would really enjoy that. :)

RedDead4292d ago

Yeah, get banned for visiting a site....the only reason I visted his site was to see what the hell was going on with the case. I wouldn't have known about him or cared other than the case becoming so big. Rediculous imo. Sony can ban themselves for going on his site.

NBT914292d ago

Not everyone who visited his site was interested in hacking their PS3, I am slightly annoyed but I know I was just curious and did nothing wrong when I went there so not too bothered about this but others might be..

duplissi4292d ago

even if you did go to the site and downloaded the jailbreak you did nothing wrong.. so there is no legal basis for sony to do anything to you, this data is to be used against geohot.

jeez people are dense..

farhad2k84292d ago

Who in the world would ban you for visiting a website?
Obviously I'm talking about the ones that downloaded vast amounts of information from the websites, regular visitors etc.

People can be really stupid at times.

JD_Shadow4292d ago

It's the notion that they are allowed now to do this at ALL! Why did this judge (which I was trying to search up to see if there was something about him that we need to know about...seems there's some question about him having a bias) decide that this was necessary? This is not just Geohot's site. This is Twitter, YouTube, and other sites that need to do this, and this involves telephone numbers and IP addys. Why does Sony need all of that, and why from so many sites? Could Sony, after getting those, sue ME for simply viewing something he did by trying to say that I did something I clearly did not do? Could they sell that info to third parties that would use that info for whatever they want to use that for? You may think it's a "tinfoil hat" thing, but don't be so sure. Remember back in I think 2007, when the issue of warrantless wiretapping came into the news. There were more companies willing to give Bush what he wanted than you might think.

But, of course, with the ignorance of people here on N4G hitting an all time high, I could see people on here not caring less if Sony wants their entire life story.

Ocelot5254292d ago

"Hope they get IP banned from all future PlayStations also"

many ISP's assign dynamic ip's to their users idiot

I get a new IP every 2 days, i also can request a new IP on the web-GUI of my modem. I never have to wait 1 hour after each download on rapidshare cuz i change my ip each time :D

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v1c1ous4292d ago

WOW. WOW. way to bend over to corporations judicial system. i never visited the site, but get your browsing habits turned over to a company without your consent?

privacy? what's that? nothing but bells and whistles to corporate big guns.

piss on the constitution some more Sony.

BoNeSaW234292d ago

"your browsing habits turned over to a company without your consent?" LOL! This happens EVERYDAY to YOU when your on the interwebs. You didn't know that!
And how is Sony pissing on the constitution by protecting their IP and protecting their developers from being robbed and stole from?

MysticStrummer4292d ago

xD Piss on the constitution...? WOW !!! Which constitution would that be exactly?

AccountClosed570294292d ago

Looks like President Nixon has become "the Watergate Hero".

v1c1ous4292d ago

typical sony commies response. it's people like you that allow the freedom of true blooded americans from rising! admit it, you guys HATE FREEDOM!

Bear_Grylls4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

Seeing as Sony isn't based in the US they can piss on your constitution all they want.

Good on them to.

I hope they hang Hotz.

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ziggurcat4292d ago

i'm sure there would only be a problem if you had downloaded any of the circumvention tools available on his website. there's absolutely no harm in clicking on a link to his website as we all know how much it's been mentioned on the internet lately (especially on this very site).

this is certainly good news for sony, and hotz's grave is getting just a little deeper. i imagine it's nearly 6" now.... i can't wait for the judge to put the final nail in this douchebag's coffin.

Scary694292d ago

Good! That is what happens when you support stupidity you get screwed the same way. Hope Sony wins maybe then these hackers would think twice about hacking and sharing.

fatstarr4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

eff the law, eff sony and all these acta acts,
imma visit all of his sites and register i dont care.
i dont own a ps3 to my name so what can sony do. -_-

sharing is the major backbone of the internet and if it weren't for hackers we would all be dead. every company thinks their code is uncrackable until someone comes along and proves otherwise which then makes their code way better and increases everyone's intelligence.

maverick404291d ago

you sound like a ten year old. Most retarded thing i have read all day, cheers.

Legion4292d ago

The defence need only to subpoena the twitter of Kevin Butler to determine the number of people that viewed it's release of the code.

That and the ip of everyone here on N4G that viewed the code via the news article. Thus to determine how much Sony propegated the code of their own accord since the filed suit.

MNicholas4292d ago

If you donated money to Geohot AND you acquired the legally protected information from him, he's in an even deeper hole because it would be clear evidence that he's selling something that isn't his to sell. It's theft and trade in intellectual property. He's at best an idiot and at worst a genuine criminal and, if you supported him with you cash, or even clicks, you're no better.

JD_Shadow4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

By who's account? Yours?

Hotz checked with his lawyers before doing the donation thing, so I doubt he wouldn't do that if he thought he would get into trouble by doing that.

And, to put a period to that point, several grassroots organizations, such as the EFF and ACLU (two organizations in which I have supported, by the way), have petitioned for donations. Both of them have a legal team that has helped people fight legal battles, and even when those trials were going on, those organizations did not close out their petitions for donations, in which part of the donations goes to paying the legal fees.

If you want to arrest Geohot for the petitioning and those who donated to him, you have to do the same to any organization that has ever done that, and you have to hold that same logic you are holding in Geohot's case (which is ridiculous to begin with), and apply it to all those other organizations (especially with the EFF, which has fought similar types of cases). Are you really going to ask for that, and are you really going to say that those other organizations and their donors and members are criminals, as well?

EDIT: What is this epidemic with people saying that others on this site are "missing the point" before saying something that is obviously the mainstream argument on N4G right now? That would show that people aren't missing the point...well, YOUR point, at least!

ProGrasTiNation4292d ago

Your some fool,you realy believe

cannon88004292d ago

Wow poor guy
he got GEO-OWNED

morkendo234292d ago

ouch, SONY not FKING around.go get em sony whooo-hooo

lee_ten4292d ago

geohot is screwed. that's all i'm gonna say. *sips cocktail*

deafwing4291d ago

okay, this is getting ridiculous

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CaliGamer4292d ago

That's rough. All fun and games until someone gets fined. LOL.

FantasyStar4292d ago

Damn, guess I'm gonna get sued by Sony for visiting geohot's blog. Tough world. :(

Ehhh..not really. :)

FailOverHero4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

Maybe ps3 business isn't doing too well and now they plan on making the bulk of their revenue thru suing sprees. Talk about Intimidation Frenzy!!
With LG breathing down their necks and clamping down on ps3 sales, they gotta make money somehow.
@blackburn, so those 100 000 ps3's that are in lockdown, have they been sold or are they being clamped down?? Whats that? They've been clamped down? Oh, so what you're saying is that LG have clamped down on 100k units of ps3's that could have been up for sale by now but aren't?


in another universe in another dimension. Can Sony sue me?! :D !

FantasyStar4292d ago

They gon' fine you.
They gon' fine you.
So you can run and tell dat.
run and tell dat
run and tell dat
home-home. homeboy.