Cliffy B Responds to Playing Killzone 3; Criticizes N4G Comments

There was a recent surge in gamers sending abusive comments towards Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski due to him playing Killzone 3. Now, the outspoken developer has responded to those who criticized him for playing the shooter.

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PirateThom3695d ago

The concept of Cliffy B reading N4G amuses me, the thought of developers reading the crap on here is amazing.

SMOK3xFFx3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Cliffy B rocks and so will Gears 3!!!

P.S. Send the early beta invite to my e-mail: [email protected] when you read this.

tmoss7263695d ago

Or just buy Bulletstorm. Problem?

Redman223695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

What a sad little attention whore. Dude that's what your work is for so how about you focus on that and stop talking shit about GG/KZ/Move. We still cool brah? Sorry I had to spit some truth at ya brah, I just don't want to see you go the Charlie Sheen route.

Cliffy, you can play KZ3 all you like it's still won't help you to produce a game that beats KZ2 let alone KZ3.

Let's be real GG/KZ are beast(!!) and it's going to take a hell of a lot more than Gears of War and bulletstrom(BS lulz) to even begin to f**k with them.


siliticx3695d ago

Someone's gonna get spammed

morganfell3695d ago

Although he is correct about playing the competition, he is also grossly mistaken in other matters. His comments show a lack of discernment.

The fact that people are talking about you does not necessarily mean you are relevant. It is paramount to saying ridicule and notoriety are signs of endearment and that is simply not the case. Ted Kaczynski is famous but he is hardly respected.

Imtey3695d ago

Lmao, I love how N4G went from a small site to a site even developers like CliffyB reads in a few years. :')

*wipes tears*


GrieverSoul3695d ago

Cliff suffers from star syndrome. He thinks he is hot because the chicks dig him so he goes on a killing spree thinking he can conquer the world. He is one of those guys that when they loose their job they cant find another becasue their new boss aint gonna put up the crap he spits everytime he talks. And SPITS is a term I know Cliff knows well because he tends to talk with is mouth full.

Rumor3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

So..uh @SMOK3xFFx.

you just put your email on possibly the largest cesspool of gaming flamewars on the whole internet. nice knowing your harddrive, after it crashes from a slew of flame related hate messages

Megaton3695d ago

So he reads N4G, eh?

Hey Douche Huge, can you please make sure Gears 3 has multiplayer that actually works?

captain-obvious3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

well im glad that there is a chance that he'll be reading this

cliff you are nothing but a douchbag that thinks that he is better than everyone else
try being humble for once

IHateYouFanboys3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

@GrieverSoul: "He is one of those guys that when they loose their job they cant find another becasue their new boss aint gonna put up the crap he spits everytime he talks."

mate Cliffy B would get a dozen job offers from AAA development studios within hours of leaving Epic. like him or not, hes at the helm of one of the most successful development studios in the world, and was the driving force behind arguably the best, highest rated, and highest selling new franchise of the generation. the day Cliffy B wouldnt be able to find a job in the video game industry is the day hell freezes over. the man would never have to look for a job again, job offers would be thrown at him.

EVILDEAD3603695d ago

Love N4G to death..but let's keep it real...that's just par for the course for the site..

It's an ongoing saga..console war 360 hate..which carries over to hate for the success of Gears..which carries over to hate for the Unreal engine..

This ultimately carries over to hate for Cliffy B., who has never been too shy to speak his mind about the industry..add..rinse..repeat from here at N4G to Gaf..

At the end of the day..the bizarro internet hate means nothing in the real world..

I love how Cliffy rose above fray to personally market Gears, Shadow Complex,B-storm etc. throughout the years..

Let em' long as Epic keep making amazing game experiences I know I'll be there

Gear 3 FTW..


gman_2973695d ago

No, see, we don't like Cliffy because he doesn't respect other development studios.

Hey, Cliffy, if you respect others, others will likely respect you. Oh, and make another Unreal game, please? gears is just too dull and boring. Bring back the good ol' days of First Person Shooting, then I'll buy Epic games again.

disturbing_flame3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

you know it's not getting KZ3 the problem.

it's all what you do around, your comments, your moral statements about how people should act when you act like a kid.

When you say gears can come on PS3 or PC (first gears was on PC and was great btw, do you remember how the unreal engine is born ? We do and UT was great) just do it, why speaking about this if you are not going to do it ?

i mean i have nothing against you, but you act like you don't measure everything you say.

there are lot of first parties (even second or third) in this industry that don't act like you, and these are the ones that are not whining, complaining of N4G's users laughs. Strange isn't it ?

see ya for your next quote of the week. hope it will say gears is coming to PS3 and PC, it would be a great news coming from Epic to all the gamers that followed you during all these years.


TheLastGuardian3695d ago

That article is like 2 weeks old. He just now decided to respond?

Flexatron3695d ago

I bet this is some wankster white guy trying to talk street. pic related

sjeen663695d ago

speak about sucking up.

starchild3695d ago

PS3 fanboys are so funny. People like Redman22, morganfail, Megaton, captain_obvious, disturbing_flame and LordMarius are so hilariously predictable.

I bet if Epic were to ever start making exclusives for the PS3 Cliff Bleszinski would suddenly be a cool guy in the eyes of PS3 fanboys. The only reason they hate Cliff Bleszinski is because they associate him with the 360. And we all know how much they hate the 360.

Cliff Bleszinski has always seemed like an all around decent guy from what I have seen.

MeanOldman3694d ago

no starchild youre wrong. so damn wrong. the fact you think like that shows why you dont understand was wrong with jerks like cliff. theres plent o times we want dave jaffee to shut his yappin trap. but you think is okay to be a dumb jerk as long as they are on your side. but that aint the case.

Megaton3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Heh, starchild, bet you didn't even know what Epic was until Cliffy and Gears. Epic will always be PC gaming and Unreal Tournament to me.

JoySticksFTW3694d ago

"Love N4G to death..but let's keep it real...that's just par for the course for the site..

It's an ongoing saga..console war 360 hate.."

360 hate??

Uh, did you just join yesterday? N4G has a long, storied history of 360 support / PS3 bashing.

And just recently I saw with my own eyes, 360 fanboys trolling and just one PS3 fanboy respond to the crap, actually got a bunch of "agrees", and then get busted for trolling with bubble-loss.

What the...? It's crazy to me.

Heck until recently, this whole generation was just one huge troll as media and gamers alike got in line to bash PS3.

And I own a 360! One of my favorite game series is GEoW. Dead Rising had a chance at that, because that is absolutely by favorite 360 game, but DR2 down-graded that series me.

But if we're keeping it real as you suggest, please don't go crying on these boards about 360 hate.

Don't get hurt feelings like Cliffy B did.

Either kick back and enjoy the funny zingers that get fired from BOTH sides of this "war" or keep your sanity and stay away.

And for the record, I actually think the console war is funny. People get clever with troll comments at times.

The only thing I don't like about it is the spreading of misinformation that the gullible take as fact.

sikbeta3694d ago

WOW! So, N4G is important or like a big site after all, Damn, that's SO WRONG XD

Kevin ButIer3694d ago

Cliff must be one of those 2007 360 trollz who made their best effort to bash the PS3 Lulz... It was all the way around in N4G, 360 was the king here and every single comment to defend the PS3 was hardly punished.

Lul just messing around...

snipes1013694d ago

Redman you shouldn't tarnish the name of one of hiphop's greats coming on here and sounding like an utter fucking moron.

On topic...Cliffy has a point here people all he said was he picked up the damn game and you guys turn it into a flame war. Just let the man game goddammit he may be a developer but he was a gamer before he got to that point.

He has every right to visit this site and comment on whatever the hell he wants he's part of the gaming community. He has more room to talk about things than any of the idiots always screaming on here.

Just to avoid flaming: I give say ANY developer can do this such as David Jaffe or anybody else.

EVILDEAD3603694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

'It's an ongoing saga..console war 360 hate.."
360 hate??
Uh, did you just join yesterday? N4G has a long, storied history of 360 support / PS3 bashing.'

LOL @ you trying to give a history lesson when you spent your early account days trolling and screaming 'xbot' this and 'xbot' that..

Any N4Ger without the fan goggles knows how the daily trolling is heavily weighted on this site

At the end of the day the console war silliness goes both ways..

My point stands..the Cliffy hate is as easy to trace as any other internet gaming hater trend out there

In this case Cliffy commented on it..IMO he's dead on


zag3694d ago

"I’m like, I’ll take that because that means there’s a certain amount of being relevant as opposed to nobody ever talking about you, ever."

I'm like um, wha! because I'm so like don't get ya!

What the fuck is that sentence for fuck sake.

How does anyone quote a line like that, it doesn't even make any sense and it's got nothing about gears 3.

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LordMarius3695d ago

wait he reads comments from here? if so then...

Dear Cliffy B, you suck, kbye

Black-Helghast3695d ago

Screw this haters Cliffy. Make Gears of War 3 on the PS3 please.

Jazz41083695d ago

Cliffyhey since you played kz3 then you realize how bad it is compared to the last one. Just keep doing what your doing and I love bstorm. The humor and game mechanics were a blast to play. I don't play mp so please do all you can for the sp campaigns like bulletstorm and gears 3 will be great. Kz3 the most dissapointing game of this generation for obvious reasons and agin I don't play the mp so I'm not judging kz from that. Once we can all say the 360 and ps3 both are great the sooner we can move on and stop the hate.

jrbeerman113694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

The guy says THREE sentences, THREE. Mentions N4G....comments go a flying.

someone want to say hes wrong? because this article is proving him right 200 times over.

Whats worse, someone who admits he pays attention to community and a site that is huge right now? Or that the fact that people are analyzing two sentences to death because he is paying attention?

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specialguest3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

I agree.

I still remember the early days of News4Gamer when this was a new and unknown site. If I remember correctly, N4G was a merger of two separate sites. Now we have major developers actually paying attention to what goes on on N4G.

Raf1k13695d ago

If I remember right, Cliffy used to comment on here too.

Imtey3695d ago



Sexius Maximus3695d ago

LOL. I joined a month before you did. We really are the old school guys on this site. The SITE has gotten better over the years, but the COMMUNITY has gone downhill.

Halochampian3695d ago

High 5 to the old timers! June 2006 here!

Moentjers3694d ago

Like I remember MS existed only on pc and the console-world knew peace.

cappakrako3694d ago


Way to show that you are too young to remember the Genesis vs SNES days. Or even the PS1/N64 wars. "Sega does what nintendon't" or the Crash at Nintendo headquarters commercial not ring any bells?

Moentjers3694d ago


As I remember it (and I do have some age, I started on a friend's Shneider 'pc' followed by an Atari ST you can look it up), those were company against company fights. Most of the gamers didn't really mind if they were playing on a Sega, Atari or Nintendo.

Nowadays it's a serious thing to think about if you can/will only buy one console.

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Dante1123695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

@ xskipper below

I believe his comment was aimed at both Xbox and PS3 enthusiasts (What's with the finger pointing). Both sides are really missing out on some great games because of this console war bs. It seriously needs to stop.

"I post that I bought Killzone 3 and then I tweeted (that he bought the game); it becomes a top news aggregate thing on N4G. They (readers who commented on N4G) were yelling back and forth about loving or hating; I was like, dude, I just admitted that I’m playing the competition which any smart developer would do and you’re still arguing about it (!)"

JustGamer3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )


''Both sides are really missing out on some great games because of this console war bs. It seriously needs to stop.''


Edit: Interesting disagrees... I just agreed a paragraph that says the truth. It's hard to believe some people likes console wars...

lazysey3695d ago

I bought Bulletstorm just to play the Gears of War 3 beta.

BLAKHOODe3695d ago

You should have just pre-ordered Gears 3.

evrfighter3695d ago

If that amazes you then gabe newell would blow your mind.

RedRedSuitSDF3695d ago

Killzone 3 is out!?!?!?!? Hell... I haven't seen one commercial for it yet. More great marketing for Sony.

ATiElite3695d ago

Sony doesn't advertise like Microsoft who bombard you every 5 minutes with a commercial.

Killzone 3 has had several commercials running.

DoomeDx3695d ago

Ive seen ALOT here in the netherlands

gunnerforlife3695d ago

theres alot of commercials here in the UK of Killzone 3
its also plastered on loads of busses around london, and sony has done a deal with channel 5 to have a clip of certain games during the night hours between every break

SeanScythe3695d ago

I see them all the time here in the US and constantly on

Redman223695d ago

you need to have cable/satellite in order to see the ads, you broke motherf****r. ; ) lol (joke! I'm joking)

jcgamer3695d ago

I saw one ad while watching Jersey Shore last night...of course i already had the game :)

Motorola3695d ago

machinima's youtube channel. the mobile version of all have KZ3 ads

RememberThe3573695d ago

My internet was out for a week and I saw a lot of Killzone 3 commercails while watching tv. I was pretty surprised.

Moentjers3694d ago

do you go to the cinema's ? do you watch commercial-tv at prime-time ?

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ATiElite3695d ago

Cliffy B admitting that he reads N4G is like putting up a billboard with your picture on it that says Hi i'm a tool.

go develop a game instead of trolling N4g.
Cliffy B = Ass Clown

kaveti66163695d ago

Hey, you comment here.


KotC3695d ago

Dude... you just called yourself a tool.

palaeomerus3695d ago

" Dude... you just called yourself a tool."

Yeah he did, but in fairness he sounds like a tool in his post, so I'm inclined to believe him.

lil Titan3695d ago

i say again "somebody wants attention"

lil Titan3694d ago

maybe depends on whos asking a random unbiased person or cliff's biggest fanboy/girl...You?

pain777pas3695d ago

This is a gloves off place to post. It would be wise to take a look at any site where there are 200 plus comments on articles from every game website. Plus midst all the foder there are some intelligent gamers that post comments here rather than sign up to everywebsite to post.

DanSolo3695d ago

Yeah intelligent gamers like that Dan Solo fella.... now there's a dude who knows what he is talking about!

Good looking dude as well!

PS3n3603695d ago

Just the other night I told my wife "Well I'm no DanSolo thats for sure"

Zinc3695d ago

@DanSolo and PS3n360 - That was actually funny. I really did laugh out loud.

Moentjers3694d ago

I know, your wife told me. She agreed with you...

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lelo2play3695d ago

Cliffy B should just ignore N4G. Most of the users are morons.