CryEngine 3 SDK Coming in the Summer

GT: Cinema tools, real-time rendering with motion capture and a variety of titles can be achieved with CryEngine 3.

A rendering engineer from Crytek touches on a few points regarding CryEngine 3 licensing, and reveals that a free version of the CryEngine 3 SDK will be available for PC users in the summer of 2011.

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Pandamobile2969d ago

Just a reminder that CE3 Sandbox != CE3 SDK.

The CE3 Sandbox will likely be available on day one with the game and allows you to make your own maps and all that stuff; the SDK is more for developing whole game, and is Crytek's way of competing with Epic's UDK.

ATiElite2969d ago

I just want more developers switching to the CryEngine 3 cause the Unreal engine is so LAME!

seriously how many plastic and play-doh looking games do we need.

theonlylolking2969d ago

I agree. All that has been updated from gears 2 to gears 3 is the lighting(that is what epic said around E3).
Since they say that is what has been updated from gears 2 then cryengine 3 needs to be in more games now.

tdrules2969d ago

according to people who acquired the beta there was a sandbox in place in that build

xtremexx2969d ago

wait im confused, will the SDK be available for the average joe/child trying to learn game devloping

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Shackdaddy8362969d ago

Thanks Crytek. Hopefully some people can make some mods for C2 to get back power struggle :)

Tachyon_Nova2969d ago

Itll happen pretty quickly I'd reckon. They can import CE2 levels into CE3 Sandbox Editor which does cause some issues but nothing that can't be fixed quickly.

x8002969d ago

omg yes yes YES!

BUT what does he mean by a free version of cryengine 3?
cryengine 3 with limited things?

xtremexx2969d ago

nah, its free, but you can only make the game and distribute, you cannot sell. im pretty sure thats how it works

hassi942969d ago

Basically you have all the tools that Crytek have, but you cannot sell anything you make unless you buy a full license from Crytek.

x8002969d ago

like WhiteNouse said, why wouldnt they ship it with the game when the game lets loose even though they already have the engine. something is not right.

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