New PS3 Games Require Firmware 3.56 to Play

The way Sony is stopping hackers from playing PS3 games is now you need official current firmware 3.56 to play. Hacked firmware 3.55 will not work with new PS3 games.

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Desmios4833d ago

is already running on PS3 with any 3.55 or 3.41

was fixed yesterday afternoon

Dante1124833d ago (Edited 4833d ago )

I'm glad they're still offline though. That unban/ban trick they tried to use recently apparently got alot of pirates banned (re-banned?) along with the friends who let them use their PS3 console ID. Wonder what game stores are selling games weeks before release to hackers to pirate from?

Tony-Red-Grave4833d ago

this is actually pretty legit just the retairlers fault for breaking the street release date they basically bought a game they couldve hacked and got free. that aside did they say make modifications to the "game"? and people ask why jailbreaking should be illegal

deafwing4832d ago

damn they really not playing with this

TurismoGTR4833d ago

why play games for free when u can spend 60bucks?

hackers are so dumb.

GamerPS3604833d ago (Edited 4833d ago )

ya, just like people who pay cable, internet, electricity. Why pay over 300 monthly to use those while you can use it for free from neighbours.
People are so dumb.

acedoh4833d ago

It must be tough being honest. Why not just steal? Because hacking is no different than being a thief and a criminal.

ZombieNinjaPanda4832d ago


Explain to me how hacking is the same as being a criminal/stealing.

tigertron4832d ago

@ Zombie
Maybe because hacking is a criminal offence?

NaiNaiNai4832d ago

Hacking is a criminal offense.


You really are stupid.

Look_Behind4832d ago

Wtf how is hacking a criminal offence, its my hardware. If you buy a car it isnt illegal to tune it. Same thing.

NaiNaiNai4832d ago

Just so you know hacking and cracking are two completely different things.

more what these modders do is crack. Hacking is accessing files or material from a database, They are not doing this, they are breaking a system code that in no way harms another system.

Now if he wrote a code that attack other ps3 users and stole there passwords over psn, that would be more of a hack.

Biggest4832d ago


thereapersson4832d ago

Yeah, but modding your car doesn't allow it to run on free gasoline, or no gasoline (unless you build a new car... but, different analogy, too).

Modding your system in the way that these people in question have means that you then gain the ability to play games for free. It doesn't matter if that has nothing to do with the idea of hacking the system in the name of "homebrew" (which is all shit on consoles anyway).

tigertron4832d ago (Edited 4832d ago )

Cracking isn't exactly legal either, the console may be yours, but you still don't have the right to break terms and conditions by modding it to run pirated games.

JoySticksFTW4832d ago (Edited 4832d ago )

actually modding a car is illegal in some instances.

There are emission laws, and laws to keep your car "street legal" and such...

If we're doing a car analogy...

If you keep your car on your own private property, you are going to be fine for the most part.

But once that car (console) hits the streets (game servers and the like), it's a problem by law (t&c's).

And as someone said, that car better not be running on fuel (games / electricity) illegally siphoned (pirated) from someone else.

Since we're using a car analogy...

Darrius Cole4832d ago

Actually your own stuff is not illegal. PIRATING other people's stuff is what is illegal. Hacking consoles and pirating games just happens to have a high correlation. Why would you hack your console if you don't intend to play copied games?

Maybe you want to tie them together to make supercomputers like universities do and the Department of Defense does. Technically that is a hack. They make the consoles run custom software. But unless you happen to be a large government agency or corporation, if you hacked your console it probably means that you intend to play pirated games.

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KROBOS93939394833d ago

did you even read the article?

shoddy4833d ago

new game new FW.

Say it all along.

hack ps3 is unwise.

Maddens Raiders4832d ago

and the people who support them are nothing more than back-stabbing lazy pinkos looking for a handout from thieves! These people and all their ilk should be flushed down the toilet, straight to the black hole of our galaxy.

yeah I'm looking at all you ************* below that support this crap.

jwk944832d ago (Edited 4832d ago )

Wouldn't it have been smarter to force the update though instead of giving them the option?
I see the pros in pirating games, it allows you to try before you buy, or just get free games, hell I do it with movies, albeit I only watch them once and that's why i dont see the point in buying them, but why go jumping through hoops just to get this on your ps3? it seems like it'd be easier to just buy the game.

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DaCajun4833d ago (Edited 4833d ago )

Now that would be a slap in the face if they forced a hidden firmware update without alerting the user that it was downloading in the background on their console and change the whole root program/keys on everyone's PS3 trying to connect to PSN. Even smarter would be to put it on a game disc and make it download like it was just part of the games mandatory install.

Legion4833d ago

"and change the whole root program/keys on everyone's PS3"... you do realize that the root code is impossible to change right???


Unfortunately root keys are sculpted on stone (attached to hardware). But I would love if they had the right to background update your FW to get rid of hackers as far as they wouldn't abuse it...

I don't know if I trust big companies that much (it's not like they hadn't abused the system before) but it could maybe get rid of pirates and than legit gamers could rest assured they wouldn't be penalized for pirates' wrongdoings.

FailOverHero4833d ago

Hackers have already found a work around. . .yesterday.