LittleBigPlanet 2 Censored

It’s amazing how filthy an innocent game like LittleBigPlanet 2 can sound when you just add a few bleeps here and there.

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Focker4204594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

Wow, that was pretty funny. I'll never look at LBP2 the same way again.

Oh and I love the name of your site, did you come up with it from LBP1??

Chimpanzee4594d ago

Thanks! :) Yes, it was from LBP 1.


How Dreams Tren update was inspired by a childhood spent playing with trains

Media Molecule Creative Director John Beech talks about making a very personal project in Dreams, available with PlayStation Plus.

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Media Molecule co-founder and Dreams director Mark Healey has left the studio

Media Molecule co-founder and creative director Mark Healey has confirmed that he is leaving the studio.
In a series of tweets, Healey – who directed Dreams – wrote: “So, after 17 incredible years of co-birthing and building Media Molecule, I have decided it is time for me to fly the nest – set sail and chart a new course – today is my last day at MM."

Lightning77167d ago

Best of luck in your future endevors. I think we'll get a teaser of their next game come Sony's showcase.

Would be cool if it was a cross over game between Sack Boy and Astro Bot.

IamTylerDurden1167d ago

I'm not surprised considering Dreams was just essentially killed.

Crows90167d ago

How long has the game been active?....

That's what I thought.

--Onilink--167d ago


3 years?… you make it sound like its some kind of really old game (and that it somehow proves some point)…

jukins167d ago

They worked on it since 2011 after lbp2 released. Probably some work done it while doing lbp2. So they got 12 years of runway for one risky title. It released it flopped sony STILL supported it while they improved and added to it . 1 "game" 12 years.

In that same time frame naughty dog alone released uc3 uc4 lost legacy tlou, tlou remasted tlou2 tlou pt1 and factions will be out before MM next game. Now i get MM is no naughty dog. But 1 "game" 12 years is insane especially considering how bad it flopped and how obscure it is as a game. But yet they still had 12 years. And now sony is like ok thats enough we need something we can sell the co founder wants to take his ball and go home? Cant think of any other word but ungrateful

Army_of_Darkness166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

I feel Sony jumped the gun on MM.. They are essentially a one hit wonder with little big planet. Everything else they released has been mediocre at best and Now that the co-founder has left, they should shift their Direction from the emphasis of user created content (because MOST people these days don't have time for that) and create something completely new.

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XiNatsuDragnel167d ago

Good luck in your future endeavors man

GamingSinceForever167d ago

Crazy when people feel the need to leave what they helped start.

Reaper22_167d ago

It's not crazy. It's just life. It happens all the time.

Obscure_Observer167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

"Crazy when people feel the need to leave what they helped start."

Yeah, just a few weeks ago, Shinji Mikami left Xbox and PS fanboys were all over it throwing stones at the top of their little glass houses, saying MS has a talent retention problem, bad management of first party studios, lack of creative freedom and blah blah blah.

When the same thing happens at Playstation Studios, the hypocrites are no where to be found!

Yeah, what goes around, comes around. They have eggs on their faces now!

He only thanked his team at Media Molecule. He´ll continue and develop/create games. Looks like Playstation is not the perfect land of freedom that some PS fanboys love to portray.

Chevalier167d ago

How so? Playstation studios are pretty well run. Can't really say that with the mess that is Xbix games studios now can you? Xbox can't release many games first of all and also have constant delays. Incredible how poorly managed Xbox game studios is overall.

porkChop167d ago


I don't think we need to make it an Xbox vs PS thing.


That's really not fair regarding delays. Sony has delayed pretty much every game in the past few years as well. That's an industry-wide problem. I agree Xbox has been a bit of a mess but delays aren't exclusively an Xbox problem.

ironmonkey167d ago

didnt another big name from halo leave? Looks like xbox is not the perfect land of freedom that some xbox fanboys love to portray.

Vanfernal167d ago

It must be exhausting watching everything through fanboy console war goggles. You people need to grow up and stop crying about this stuff on every article.

gold_drake167d ago

how did the sony vs ms conversation start?
it has absolutely nothing to do with that

Chevalier165d ago


My point really is that Xbox is mismanaged to the point that they have the MOST studios owned, but, have the least games released. Nintendo and Playstation release games regularly whereas Xbox does not. That's FACT.

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goldwyncq167d ago

I know right?! How dare they leave the past behind to pursue new and exciting things? They should just do what they've been doing over and over again until the day they die.

GamingSinceForever166d ago

What I said obviously went over your head. That wasn't even remotely close to the point I was making.
It's ok though. I'll let you believe you're intelligent for the moment.

Welshy167d ago

Good luck on whatever is next, big thanks for all the hours of fun I had over the years with the LBP games with my mates.

Looking forward to your future projects 👍

mandf167d ago

Unpopular opinion

LittleBigPlanet was the best game on the ps3, 360 and wii gen. That game will be my retirement

Welshy167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

THE best is a bit bold, but it's definitely one of the best. Up there with the best PS3 exclusives for sure, just straight up fun that's impossible not to be taken in by its cheery tone and community.

mandf167d ago

My best that's why I said unpopular opinion

Welshy167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

I'm not saying it can't be your favourite, I was just giving my take on it is all. It's a great game to have as a personal favourite, as I said, I absolutely love it too.

No take that gives LBP it's due respect is unpopular in my opinion 👍

Eidolon167d ago

One of the greats on PS3, LBP2 as well. LBP3 wasn't as good... dumbed down even... and this Sackboy Big Adventure is something else. Still have not seen anything like LBP1 since and it could have continued to be great if they stuck with the formula, evolved it, instead of dumbing it down.