Gamer.Blorge: What developers really think of the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360

Gamer.Blorge aka Tech.Blorge, citing an unnamed "inside source at a major games development company," claims that "developers" regard the Wii as just a "party toy" and a way of making "easy money", and that "(there'll) be a lot of titles developed for the Wii, but nothing that really stands out."

According to Gamer.Blorge's anonymous source, here's how the next-generation console war would pan out:

* Wii – will be a fun multi-player (offline) party mode type games, decent graphics, cool game play, but limited success. Everyone will pretty much own a Wii, much like they own board games
* Xbox 360 – some serious realistic games, but mostly arcade shooters like Halo, and racing games like Forza, lots of online multi-player games
* PS3 – some arcade games, but more physics oriented games, with an emphasis in intense realism in gaming, a lot of mulitplayer games, and a lot of cross platforming with PlayStation Portable and other Sony products.

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[Disclaimer: Gamer.Blorge has made at least several similar claims in the past, all citing unnamed insiders, secret sources, and anonymous forum posts; it's unclear if all those claims came from different sources or the same one, or if such a source actually exists. See 'Alternative Sources' below for a listing of some of those claims.]

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ktchong4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

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ktchong4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

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Read what they wrote, and think what you would. Their essays are very telling of what they are and where they stand.

TeaDouble_E4039d ago

Wow Round Peg you did your home work : )

kewlkat0074039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Year "ROUND" that is a lot of homework.

Hey it's good to see what Developers really think.

Some of these "DEVS" hit it right on the nail about all three console.

Of course Damage Control is on the Way..I'm out

Lumbo4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

I think you where right with your disclaimer, i would even go the additional step: a bunch of "secret sources" that can be summed up as google search results.

+bubble 4 you for making my day bright again, a smile on the face makes the day complete.

I like your last link best:

"PS3 Losing Market Share It Never Had due to Faulty Hardware:"

A nifty opinion work that seems to be about hardware, but does not mention a single hardware issue except in the title. And is made complete by the original Author saying:"No, I don't own nor do I have plans to own a PS3, I didn't realize that would be a prerequisite for writing an article about it"

Now that was fun to read, a lengthy rant, on software only topics, that happened to be fixed 2 days after the article was posted by an author who gains his complete "insider knowlege" by surfing the net.

akaFullMetal4039d ago

yea the wii will be for the casual, but that also will just mostly mean companies are going to make casual games for the wii , aka party games, and easy things parents and kids can do, but for the hardcore i believe there will be few games for you, yes after mario, zelda, and metroid, the biggest franchises for the wii, what is coming out?? maybe one or two more hardcore games, then what is going to happen??? so nintendo has embraced the casual and sorta left out the hardcore since that is what they are aiming for

Ashira4039d ago

Revolution looks horrible on an HDTV? That's just pure nonsense. I have an HDTV and play Revolution on it and I can say it does NOT look bad OR horrible.
Please, come with some REAL arguments next time!

Salvadore4038d ago

Revolution was just a code name and the console is called Wii.

happygamer4039d ago

revolution whatever ignore people that even calls it that. that was the code name for the wii not the actual name. just another person to ignore.

Ashira4037d ago

I'm reporting that as an offsenive comment and giving you -bubbles.
Does it matter if I call it Wii or Revolution? The later sounds much better IMO, and that's why I use it (I know it's called Wii, but I still prefer to call it Revolution, mmkay?).

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